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Anime in Focus: Ninja Nonsense (2x2 Shinobuden) episode 1

Well, to find out what this anime is about, see the title. That will explain everything. This consists of 50% ninjas and 50% nonsense. The ratio on this often leans towards the nonsense side to be quite honest. Hence, if you are looking for an actual series about ninjas, go somewhere else. If you’re looking for shenanigans involving ninjas acting dumb, this is the show for you.

This episode starts out with our main character, Shinobu breaking into another main character, Kaede’s house in order to steal panties. We learn that this is because she is on a serious business mission from the great ninja headmaster. Unfortunately, her ninja magic does not appear to work (despite what she believes) and she unfortunately did not pack any shuriken. This leads to a rather pathetic encounter, where Kaede gives Shinobu the Panties just to get her to go away.

For some reason, due to Shinobu’s homoerotic tendencies, Shinobu decides that she must show Kaede the Ninja manor she lives in. On the way, this causes a duel with the great Ninja Onsakumaru… which does not involve much ninja magic. Unless kicking a person in the balls counts. We learn about the ninja lifestyle, and how the ninjas go about their daily business, which is quite silly. It’s nearly impossible to believe how these ninjas get any credibility, although its also really unclear what it is exactly that they do.

This show definitely lives up to its title in a good way. The characters are likeable, despite being incredibly idiotic, and their shenanigans are fun to watch. This show is heavy on the ecchi, but that doesn’t bother me at all, hehe. Furthermore, unlike some shows, when this show makes a fanservice gag, I actually find it funny. Hence, I highly recommend it, especially if you are looking for a good slapstick comedy that doesn’t demand too much out of the viewer.

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<-Next Episode

Well, this set is available new for alot, and used for a little. I say go used

Overview of Small Press Idol round 3

Alright, while I have said that Japanese comics are usually better because of competition, this does not mean that American comics cannot apply the same principal and become successful. Hence bringing us to the Small Press Idol competition, where a bunch of small time artists duke it out for a publishing deal. This amuses me, due to the simple fact that it forces new talent to show their best work for the slim chance that they MAY get their dreams fulfilled.

Now then, this contest works a lot like the American Idol system, except only for comic book artists, and a better fanbase. There are three judges that talk about the persons work, although we are deprived of Simon’s jackassery, and then the readers go and vote for the project on a daily basis. This helps show fanbase loyalty and a projects staying power. Plus its lots of fun.

While I have talked to a few of the artists and found that their work appears to have potential, it does show a bit of bias. Because of this, I will talk about the top three projects, along with my current faves.

Clown Town: Currently number 1 one in the contest, holding a strong lead. This is the story about a town being harassed by a large assortment of clowns that like to torture and maim those who victimize the children they were meant to entertain. It certainly looks sadistic, and will most likely appeal to fans of shows like Death Note, at least when the clowns are around. On the other hand, the plot will be featuring am unlikely group of heroes trying to fight back against the psychotic clown invasion, including a retired rodeo clown. Looks like it has potential to be an interesting psychological horrors that plays on every child’s worst fear….
Curse of the Vessel: Currently the only story to be competing with Clown Town on a serious level (and by serious I mean votes.) This project is based around the story of a man who has been cursed to be possessed by the spirits of the deceased. This causes him to take on missions of vengeance given to him by the recently deceased. Unfortunately, our lead cannot actually control when or what the dead do when they possess him, getting him into severe legal trouble. The book appears to be based both around the spirits possessing our lead, and the journey to release him from the curse he has fallen under.
The People that melt in the Rain: While this project is holding third place, Curse of the Vessel has a significant lead on it. This project is about a town cursed to melt in the rain, along with irregular types of rain such as dogs, cats, and sausages. The story revolves around some of the townsfolk’s journey to figure out the mysteries of WHY this occurs, how to predict it, and how to stop it. Although it has the most simple concept, I feel that it pushed out one the strongest first few pages in the competition, along with possibly the best art.

Now then, you’ve also seen me write about a couple other competitors in this contest such as:

The Cure: One of the few major superhero stories in this contest, complete with the main character getting his superpowers from radiation. This project is currently at 6th place, although its votes are starting to catch up with the project immediately above it. It should be noted that the art in this story is some of the best in this contest. This is the story of a post apocalyptic world filled with filth and corruption, where one man wants to stand up to the tyranny that rules the people. This man is… THE CURE!  Read more here

Egg Finger: This comic is about a cartoon mascot’s dissent into darkness, and his quest for vengeance against the mascot that replaced him. Unfortunately, he’s a bit behind on the votes, and needs a lot of help in order to catch up. Fear not, for that is what we’re here for, right? Anyways, this is a dark comedy about corporate greed and the things that people do in desperate situations. Read more here.

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Anime in Focus: Coyote Ragtime Show episode 3

Previous episode

This show is available for free on Hulu HERE

Ah, episode 3 of Coyote Ragtime show, which means I approve of the show after a two episode hazing ritual. Now that we’ve passed that, I can safely say I will commit to the rest of the show.

At the end of the last episode Mister and Franca manage to rejoin the rest of his crew on Mister’s ship. Unfortunately, they are still on the run from Marciano’s 12 sisters, who we get to see acting weird. By weird I mean discussing clothes and painting their nails. This concept confounds me greatly, as I cannot conceive why anybody would program a killer robot to care about their nails or hair. Then again, it fits the attitude of this show, so I won’t let it get to me.

During this chase scene we get a bit of exposition about the importance of getting the treasure on Graceland by the end of the week. Also, during this we find out a bit about Franca’s back story and her relation to mister. After all this, they decide to run off to see  an old friend of Mister’s, who is currently running a church.

This is an odd site, because we are given a scene of the guy’s sermon. Now then, we are shown a black guy in a southern church wearing liturgical robes singing in Japanese. For a minute there, my head was at extreme risk of exploding due to the clash. After a long talk between Mister and the priest, Gordon about the treasure and the man who hid it, Pirate King Bruce, they get attacked by the 12 sisters again. Fortunately, everybody has a rocket launcher, allowing for an explosive gunfight with them.

This episode ends with lots of gunfights and explosions. This show has a nice attitude about what it’s doing, and does not mess around. I will most certainly be continuing with it More to come later

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Coming soon! Episode 4

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Anime in Focus: Serial Experiments Lain episode 2

After a relatively interesting first episode, showing us a bit about “the wired,” we move on to the second episode of this series. This episode starts in a bar, with people taking cyber drugs. One guy takes one of these drugs, which looks like a virus microbe, and it makes the world start going in slow motion from his point of view.

Meanwhile at the ranch, we find that Lain has developed a serious internet addiction, and is being watched by some weird guy (AGENT SMITH!) During school, we hear an explanation on the drug a guy was taking in the beginning of the episode. It apparently hyper increases brain function, making a person super fast. No mention of side effects, which is why the stuff isn’t considered a drug legally. On the way back from school, we learn that some girls have been to this club called Cyberia, where they met a girl who looks exactly like Lain, but with an entirely different personality. After discussing theories about Lain possibly having a personality under her apathetic shell, they decide to invite her to the latest club all the cool kids are going to, called Cyiberia. All the cool kids are doing it after all!

After coming home from school, she realizes that her father has bought her a much more powerful, top of the line computer. We also learn that Lain’s mother is quite cold. Lain’s father helps her set up the computer, while explaining stuff about it. Apparently, this computer takes voice commands, much like the ones in Star Trek. It’s really shiny, and I want it.

Anyway, at Cyberia, we learn that this drug DOES have side effects. Because we all know that they wouldn’t give any detail to it if it was just a simple stimulant. We also learn that Lain’s survival instincts are nearly nonexistent.

Episode was quite interesting, and makes me want a bit more. Still haven’t figured out what the plot of this show is, just that it likes being weird and having weird visuals. I can’t wait to see what this Agent Smith figure does.

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This series is available on Amazon for INSANELY low prices

Being the male lead in a slapstick comedy is painful

<-Throwing freaking firelogs. When do we just draw the line and call it domestic violence?

Dear BryAnime

I met this girl see, and I kind of like her, I guess. Except there’s this problem I have with her. Sometimes I’ll screw up and do something stupid or perverted see. Now then, with this girl, there is no slipping up and accidentally doing something. With her, no matter how obvious it is that it was an honest mistake, she’ll wail on me like I drugged her drink and took advantage of her.

Like this one time, I accidentally slipped on something and accidentally groped her, She freaking pulled a hammer out nowhere and WAILED  on me. I went flying across the room, and everybody was acting like she was in the right for some reason! It was freaking weird. Nobody seemed to notice or care that she whacked me hard enough to send me that far, but I’m the villain because I slipped and grabbed something. This one time it was even worse. We were walking around somewhere, she tripped, and I ACCIDENTALLY saw up her skirt, and then smacked me so hard I nearly collided with a building! Yet nobody cared or called the police about this!

I’m not even sure why I still like her sometimes. I mean sometimes she’s nice, but if I so much as look like I’m thinking a dirty thought, she’ll wail on me. For some reason, it seems like she can always find a wooden mallet lying around, no matter the situation, and she always winds up whacking me with it. I try to tell my friends about it, but they blame it on ME for some reason! It’s so frustrating sometimes, I don’t know what to do….

What do you think?

The main character in a slapstick comedy

Dear main character in a slapstick comedy,

I think you said it best. Why do you still like this person? You realize she’s not going to stop this as she gets older, right? So why stick around now? You should really be concerned, because this could be bad for your mental health. By sitting by and taking this, you’re saying it’s OK to just randomly hit people with a mallet. You really need to get of there before she decides to take this too far, if you know what’s good for you.

Sinceerely, BryAnime

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Nintendo of America and Rockstar announce Grand Theft Auto: Saffron City

<-Nintendo and Rockstar are teaming up to make a Pokemon game about Giovanni's rise to becoming the leader of Team Rocket

Lately, a common complaint about Nintendo is that the majority of their games are “too kiddy.” In response, Nintendo of America has announced its intent to create a darker and edgier Pokemon game, due to incredible demand. This caused them to collaborate with Rockstar, the creators of the infamous “Grand Theft Auto” series, in order to make a Grand theft Auto game in the Pokemon universe.  A trailer was released on Youtube, but immediately taken down because Youtube deemed it “too awesome” and wouldn’t allow its release.

An anonymous writer leaked certain details on the plot, characters, and things you can do, summarized here:

Basic Premise: This game will take place before Red Blue and Yellow versions, although it will incorporate in various elements from later released games. Players will take on the role of a younger Giovanni, future leader of team Rocket, and attempt to muscle their way up the criminal ladder. Players will fight other gangs, steal Pokemon from other trainers, and attempt to make the newly founded Team Rocket the biggest, toughest gang in the Kanto region. The player will be allowed to run rare candy brackets, run a gambling operation in the game corner, and the creators even hinted at the player getting to pull the takeover of Silph co. performed in red/blue/yellow.  The game will take place in Vermillion, Cerulean, Celadon, and Saffron cities, with some areas in the surrounding routes and Lavender town. The creators have stated that although the area is only the central block of Kanto, they are promising this game will have more places to explore and detailed locations than any Pokemon game ever released.

New Mechanics An innovative new feature never before seen is the removal of hidden machines, and making every move usable outside of combat. For example, flamethrower can now be used to commit arson and during the trailer we see a scyther using swords dance during an interrogation. Later on in the trailer, we see a trainer command his Haunter to hypnotise a Nurse joy into doing a lapdance for him. I think this will add a new layer of depth and freedom never before seen in Pokemon games. Furthermore, this game will not feature gym badges, and Pokemon’s loyalty will be based entirely what it thinks of you. This was shown in the trailer when Giovanni commanded his Rhydon to smash a police car, but it instead decided to throw him into a building. Furthermore, Pokemon that don’t like you have a chance of running off, giving players motive to treat them well. Furthermore, as Giovanni’s criminal reputation increases, he’ll have to start evading Officer Jennys, or just start attacking them. During the trailer, Giovanni was shown having a Gyarados launch a Hyper Beam to bust through an entire police blockade.

The Pokemon: Many pokemon from various generations will be making appearances, although not all of them will be in. It has been confirmed that Pikachu will be in, shown both by a scene of Giovanni battling Ash in the middle of the street with lots of property damage, and another scene of Giovanni sending his own Pikachu inside of a bank to short circuit the alarm. It has been confirmed that a few Legendaries will be in the game, and the trailer shows a Moltres burning down city hall in a city, with Giovanni walking away smiling. Furthermore, we saw a rival gang leader flanked by a pair of Machokes being used as bodyguards. Most notably, we see an entire gang run by trainers that have been brainwashed by a rogue Alakazam. This suggests that some Pokemon have realized their potential to crush humans and started using it for their own ends. Also, it should be noted that Giovanni did fund the creation of Mewtwo, suggesting that he may be obtainable in a sidequest or something similar.

Overall, I’m really exited for this game. Rockstar has confirmed that it will be rated M, and although it has no official release date yet, it will be released in the States before it will be released in Japan. It has been confirmed that several characters from the anime and games will be making cameos, such as Jesse, James, Wes (Colosseum) and Silver(Giovanni’s son from the games.) I personally am looking forward to the game, and will keep you updated on any news about it.
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Anime in Focus: X episode 2

 <- This is the lady in charge of the seven dragons of heaven, a group of people who believe in sacrificing character development to bring in more fight scenes

Previous Episode

This anime is available for free on Funimations website HERE

Well, after my review on the first episode of this series, you may find it shocking that I actually watched the second. Well, you see, I was having an anime night with some friends, and there wasn’t anything else going on. This episode starts with us finding out how much of an antisocial jerk Kamui is. We get a flashback to his childhood, showing him as a nice young boy, along with some girl we saw in the opening episode.

After this, Kamui gets into a fight with some guy who weilds wind magic. It doesn’t go well for the wind guy, because Kamui’s power level is inversely proportionate to his character development at this point. Hence, our local wind caster gets bailed out by that chick that looks like Aoyama Motoko, who apparently DOES possess a sword.

Anyway, our lead wants to wield some divine sword or something, but the people in charge of guarding it don’t want him to have it because he’s a jerk. Quite logical really. Then we see some people talking to some really important looking lady, who talks about Kamui’s role in the fate of the world and how important he is. Her henchmen really hope some other guy is in charge of deciding the fate of the world, as would anybody who makes logical sense. Also, Kamui is apparently going to be the one who ruins the world or something. I dunno, if some antisocial jerk was going to be the one who decides the fate of the world, wouldn’t using a sniper rifle to get rid of him be a logical choice? Once again though, that would make for a very short anime.

Rest of the episode is about a couple of guys who were watching Kamui creating an alternate dimension that is not connected to this one and duking it out. Fight it moderately interesting, but like all of the other fights in this series, we aren’t really given a reason to care. Episode ends with a cliff hanger, but I’m not really pushed to care.

I really wish this show would focus less on introducing characters and having fight scenes, and focus more on the characters themselves and their motivations for fighting. Anime doesn’t follow the same rules as video games, you know!

Someday maybe: My anime watching friend said we might watch a third episode of this. Maybe.

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Egg Finger comic preview

Egg Finger is still looking for your votes HERE (sign up to vote now, and vote daily)

Complete project

Well readers, I have some good news. Egg finger was able to make it to round three of the Small press idol competitions, and the article on this site boosted votes greatly. Unfortunately, Eggy was a bit late on submitting his comic for round three, and needs more votes to make it on to the final round. So here I am bringing more attention, featuring a preview of the official Egg Finger comic, if it were to win the contest.

Basic Premise: Well, Egg finger is the mascot for a soft drink corporation who has been down on his luck ever since his rival Awesome Aid man has been taking his business as the world’s largest soft drink icon. I elaborated further on the characters in my last post on Egg Finger, so you can check that out over there…

Here’s the first three pages (click to enlarge):

As predicted, it is most likely going to be a dark comedy featuring cartoon characters, which will most likely be fun to read. We’ll be seeing Eggy’s descent into darkness and him learning the various ways of the world in future installments, and hopefully get to see Awesome Aid man act like a total idiot later on. Strangely though, I’ve only seen two named humans with normal skin colors in the series, which greatly sets the tone of the series. I personally hope the project maintains the hilarity of Eggy’s facebook posts. However, for the time being, Eggy needs YOU to help him win this contest!

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Anime in Focus: Air Gear episode 1

This anime is available for free on Funimation's website HERE

Alright, this is the story of Itsuki Minami and his journey riding around on FREAKING ROCKET SKATES!

Episode starts out with an introduction to the technology on how these freaking rocket skates, further refered to as “Air Treks” work, and how fast they can go. Personally I think their an accident waiting to happen, followed by a bajillion lawsuits, but that would make for a very boring anime.

Anyway, despite possessing this wonderful technology, VCR’s are still in use. This episode starts with our main character having a flashback about getting his ass kicked by an air trek gang. This leads to him being scolded by the group of women he lives with for whatever reason, who enjoy torturing him. We are given little reason as to why this guy is living with them, but we can gather from context clues that they are probably not relatives.

Anyway, Itsuki finds out that the girls he’s living with are also part of an air trekking team, and winds up stealing some of their skates to go practice with. He attempts to do some stunt he saw this one girl doing, but anybody with a working brain could tell you a new person attempting to perform such a stunt would wind up as a pile of red goo on the sidewalk. Fortunately, Ituski’s a main character, so he doesn’t have to worry too much about the logical consequences of attempting a grind at 80 MPH before learning how to skate regularly.

Anyway, after coming out just fine, Itsuki decides to take his freshly stolen skates to a party in a seedy part of town, where gangs of Air Trekkers are hanging around. Along with them is that girl that he watched doing some insane stuff earlier in the episode. Realizing his opportunity to screw around with her, he ends up provoking a skate off with the gang that he got in trouble with at the beginning of the episode.

Pretty solid first episode, although it doesn’t take too many risks. Like the idea, but the genericness of the rest of the first episode bothers me greatly.  I will definitely be giving the second episode a shot later.

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Next Episode->

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Artist Profile: Tsuranga

Tsuranga’s specialization appears to be painting and sketching out sci fi concepts, such as robots and spaceships. Along with that, he also does a wide variety of landscapes, which are often influenced by science fiction. The majority of his stuff is meant to look realistic, which it accomplishes, despite being of things that don’t exist… yet.I highly reccomend that you click to zoom in, because smaller shots don't really do these paintings justice.

To start, I’m going to show an image I really liked:

I really like all of the little details that he put into this one. Like the rings off of the planet, and all the stars being put in. I also really like the design on the mecha carrying the yellow sabers, and the slight distortion of space around it.

This one was put up in February, named Flight

Flight was supposed to be more abstract, which is quite noticeable, with only the core of the mecha being made in great detail. This creates a sort of reality distorting effect, that while making the image more abstract, makes it a bit more realistic in certain respects? Why you say? Adding in a blur effect in most of the image helps to demonstrate the speed at which the mech is moving, giving the viewer a better image of exactly how fast the mech is flying. Quite possibly unintentional, but I like it.

One last giant robot picture (well, focused on giant robots)

The design on this one appeals to me a lot. Once again, attention to detail is high, as shown by details on the arms, establishing a bit of how the robot operates. The lighting effects are very nice on this picture, capturing the metallic shininess the robot would have. Also, I really like the color on the mech.

To show off some of his work with scenery, we have the picture “Glacier Citadel”

This was apparently inspired by a dream about playing on bonus planets in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Kind of like that dream I had where I was playing Morrowind I guess. Anyway, it is certainly more abstract than most of his work, aside from the shading concept, which actually suits the artic climate quite well.

Last painting today is “Wasteland Sunset”

Although this one was made relatively quickly (2 hours) I still think it looks really nice. I particularly like the wreckage in the background, and the little bit of sunlight breaking through the clouds. Creates a nice effect

Overall, I would say that Tsuranga’s biggest weakness is his lack of publicity. I have seen much worse artists than him getting a LOT more pageviews. Personally, I think he would be able to make some money if he were to attempt to do a booth at Anime Expo’s artist alley. However, the most important thing is that he consistently puts out quality work, and he shows lots of improvement if you look at the stuff he’s made over the course of time, and shows great potential for improvement.

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Next Project: Shira Oka: Second chances

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Anime in focus: School days episode 4

 <-The exact opposite of what goes on in this episode

Previous Episode

I understand that last time I complained that stuff didn’t get real in the last episode.

Well, in this episode, THIS STUFF GETS REAL

This episode begins with that sleazy pervert Itou making out with Katsura, then copping a feel…. And then…

She runs off. Later that night she tells Saionji about it, along with the rest of her romantic fantasies. In this episode we learn that Katsura is apparently a romantic idealist, and that she really wants the mood to be right before she does something. And that both Katsura and Saionji are probably virgins.

Now then, after hearing about Itou’s fiasco with Katsura, Saionji tries to help Itou in the best way she knows how… by showing him an example of how to come onto somebody… waitaminute, this looks an awful lot like a date! They go off and do Karaoke, investigate romantic areas in the vicinity, you know, things you do on a date…

While Katsura sits by feeling guilty because she wasn’t able to satisfy Itou…

Well, during this “practice,” as Saionji calls it, things get interesting. Go watch the episode for details. I can’t really recreate the impact or meaning behind what’s going on here, since this type of thing needs to be seen to be understood, Go on, start watching this series. Now. I mean right now. Close this window and go to Netflix.

Coming soon: NEXT EPISODE

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Check out the Trailer for Persona 3 portable

I was flipping through this guy's site when I saw an article on Persona 3 portable.

Seeing that I loved Persona 3, this was entirely relevant to my interests. Now then, the entire concept of remaking it, and adding new content awakens the fanboy within me. I'm even more exited, because apparantly they are retrofitting the game with concepts from Persona 4, which is pretty much one of the best PS2 games EVER.

Now then, I notice that the most noteworthy feature of this rerelease is the addition of the option to choose a female protagonist. I find this delightful, since dating was a major aspect of Persona 3, meaning that Atlus added in new content just to accommodate this. Early reviews from import gamers suggest that this game is awesome , and allows you to have S-links with your party members, allowing you guys to unleash your bromance in combat. Furthermore, you will be able to directly command the other party members. That's right gentlemen, this is going to be Persona 3, combined with the awesomeness that Persona 4 in order to make one little UMD disc of aweseome.

On a side note, does anybody else get the same vibe as Pokemon Crystal version when it came out? I mean, lets look at the similarities here: both games introduced the option to select the gender of your main character (first to do that in BOTH series.) Both of these games feature a protagonist recieving a monster in order to go out and conquer other monsters, both involve these monsters leveling up and having a limited move set... My point still stands. Shin Megami Tensei is definitely Pokemon for adults

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Anime in Focus: Working!! Episode 2

 <-In this episode we get to meet Inami, a waitress who is also in incredibly violent Tsundere

Previous Episode

Alright, after an excellent first episode, I’ve decided to come back for a bit more. Last week Takanashi was introduced to an employee he never met named Inami, who is violently afraid of men. She apparently requested not to work with any males, but the assistant manager made a “mistake.” In this episode, we begin to question how Inami is capable of functioning in normal society. Upon contact with a male, her first reflex is to punch them repeatedly, whether it is a fellow employee of customer.

This causes problems with Takanashi, because Inami seems particularly prone to hitting him, because she can’t stand him being male. Takanashi seems to have serious issues with her being over the age of twelve (he has no problem with Poplar because she looks about 12.) It’s actually… really creepy. The manager believes that putting these two together will be a learning experience.

While working together, they attempt to get over each other’s issues with each other, which is difficult, because Takanashi can’t change being male, and Inami can’t change the fact that she’s over 12 years old. It’s a frustrating situation for both of them, since they can’t stand each other’s major flaws.  Also, I think Mr. Hansen wants Takanashi to have a seat right over there. During this, the cast establishes themselves more, and we get to know them much better. The lady with a sword still acts completely normal despite having the sword, and seems to discourage bringing weapons in, despite constantly carrying a sword.

Overall, I’m liking this show. It definitely doesn’t take itself seriesly, and produces plenty of funny moments. Worth a look at

Coming Soon: Next episode