Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anime in Focus: ninja Nonsense Episode 4

Why yes, we DO wear these masks ALL of the time

The first half of this episode is the all important beach episode.

This anime decides to differentiate itself from every other beach episode by making everybody keep on wearing their ninja masks during the beach episode.

This episode decides to lather on more fanservice than usual, not only by putting lots of focus on the girl’s swimsuits, but giving us the most gratuitous yuri scene in the anime so far. I won’t be so mean as to ruin it with context, and just leave this screencap right here…

After gratuitous scenes of both hilarity and boobies, we get to the second half of the episode, titled “Miyabi in Love” In this segment, we get to see another side of Miyabi, where she does other things besides psychotically stab Onsokumaru. Onsokumaru then sets on a journey to either help or c***block Miyabi, which is never made explicitly clear.

Unfortunately, going into detail removes a lot of the impact these episodes have, which is a really important punch for this series. Meanwhile, the series has been keeping up a consistent standard of providing both humor and boobies. Hopefully it manages to keep it up. Although the fanservice managees to be a bit over the top, it doesn't bother me in the least, unlike SOME series where it distracts from the plot. In this one it adds to it.

Coming soon: next episode…