Saturday, October 11, 2008

Overview of the manga I'm reading

Let’s see, I’ve been reading a few manga, and just ordered more. Here’s an overview of what I think:

Vampire Knight:
Reminding us how sexy bloodsucking is. This is a drama by Matsuri Hino, about a school that is hiding a group of vampires, and helping your best friend hide the fact that he is slowly turning into a raging monster. A look into the psychological phenomena of vampirism and how it affects the victims thought process. A bit dark, but the writing is fantastic. Definitely a page turner, with a great cast. Pick it up and start reading it if you like vampires, drama, or shoujo.

Great Teacher Onizuka:
This book is about the best teacher ever. Never before has teaching been portrayed in such a positive light, nor has the job involved so much violence. This is likely due to the fact that most teachers are not ex-biker gang leaders, who are not capable of taking several bullets, rescuing the head of administrations daughter, and still being able to finish a test. Along with various gang activities, our hero gets to put up with unbearable students (and fellow teachers) who will stop at no means to get him fired. I’m enjoying this one, as it’s goofy, exiting, and inspiring at the same time. Although some of the humor is a bit digusting, it’s still a great action series.

Magical Sensei Negima: Onizuka really had to put up a fight for title of “most epic teacher ever” Here we have Ken Akamatsu’s latest work, in case you haven’t had enough fanservice yet. But… when he gets serious, he is a top notch writer. Apparently he fits in better as an action writer than a romance writer, based on his performance here. This book manages to fit in EVERYTHING except pirates and zombies, and still make sense. C’mon, this series features a vampire teamed up with a robot. Anyway, this series is about a ten year old wizard prodigy who was sent to Japan to complete his final test: Being an English teacher at an all-girls middle school. Yeah, that took a while to sink in. It’s over the top, it’s funny, it has way too many pantyshots, and is a great showing of what Ken Akamatsu could do. NOTE: Please don’t worry about the first two volumes. I know the author manages to make this kinkier than Love Hina (MADNESS) however, at the third volume, it actually kicks into gear. Around volumes 4-7, it kicks into gear.

Chibi Vampire/Midori Days: I read the first volumes, but the stores will not get them in.

More later… School Rumble, Claymore, Fruits Basket +Anima. Also, I put some reviews on my Myspace a while ago if you’re looking for suggestions.

I’ll be moving that blog here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Here I am, a bored college student/roleplayer looking for attention. And what better way to get attention than by starting a blog? Yeah, I do plan to put ads up here to make extra money, but ads aren’t nearly as annoying as people say they are. Besides, people have come up with scripts to prevent ads, so quit whining!

Anyhow, welcome to my blog. I’m a Dungeons and Dragons gook. I love comic books, and I enjoy anime. I plan to review comic books, and post some of my Dungeons and dragons work here. So, if you’re looking for some campaign ideas, or a place to discuss your own, go right ahead. Just give credit where credit is due.

Also, I highly encourage arguing over here. Seriously, it keeps all of us sharp. Just come with a solid argument, or constructive criticism, not just “ur gay”