Thursday, October 30, 2008

What have I been doing

Well, been busy for a bit, so I’ll post a bit for while I hope more people show up to read this. Y’know, to show you all that I’m still alive. May even post some more stuff in my Dungoens and Dragons blog, or in my Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting. Real stats will have to wait until I have my manuals in front of me, but I can do a little now. I've also been reading Lord of The Rings alot, because I wouldn't be a proper dork if I didn't. I'm up to about the middle of "the Two Towers."

More to the point: Been loving Chibi Vampire, but I ran out of money, and I’m too lazy to search for a torrent (I really should, this is pretty good stuff)

SPOILERS up to volume 8

Volume 8 has been kind of eh, because it’s obviously setting up for the next arc. However, the conclusion to the previous arc was more than enough to keep me interested. Hehehe, nothing like a long drawn out bite scene. Loved every panel, watching Karin sink her fangs into Usui. And he told her “bite me” *giggles* which was great. Also, the other stuff was pretty good. The rest of ths book was about wrapping up the arc with Usui’s family, which had a twisty conclusion, which was pretty cool. I liked the way it wrapped up, and now the main character has voices in his head… Nothing to drive a plot forward like voices in your head. I really hope this series keeps up the pace, as at this rate it may earn a rank among my favorites.

Next post should be an overview of MY favorite manga (Ones that I've completed, at least. Only manga that I've finished qualify for this category.)