Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why Weeaboos really grind my Gears

I find weeaboos to be really irritating. For those of you that are uninformed, a weeaboo is a slang term for a white guy (female weeaboos exist, They are less common, but I assure you, just as irritating as their male counterpart) who is obsessed with Japan. These people bother me because I actually think Japan sounds like a dreadful place from my American perspective, and why somebody would want to live there instead of America baffles me. Alas, these people seem intrigued with this entire culture that they know of only by watching cartoons.

This is of course, incredibly silly. These people are under a strange impression that Japan would be accepting of them if they were to go there, which is funny, because Japan is a notably elitist country. Furthermore, weeaboos seem to think that Japanese women (or men) will be attracted to them. These people are wrong, for their dating lives will be just as lonely and miserable in Japan as they are in their home country. Yes, that does mean you. While it is true that you may be a foreigner, which is interesting, your personality will remain the same, and as your true colors come out, it will be revealed that they don’t actually find your personality all that attractive, as you just sit there fascinated by the things they do everyday. After that, they will leave you for a Japanese man (or girl) in the same fashion the members of the opposite sex practice in your home country.

Although delusions of Japan wanting the average weeaboo to move to their county greatly grind my gears, these conversations are quite easy to avoid. Unlike these conversations many weeaboos will decide to use Japanese phrases in their everyday speaking. This is strange, inconsistent, and usually holds no meaning to those who don’t speak the language, or the butchered variant that weeaboos speak. So while these people may feel that they are more cultured, they are in fact just butchering their own language into something neither native speakers nor people from Japan would be able to understand. This would be tolerable if your average weeaboo was actually attempting to learn a significant amount of Japanese, but overall, most are content to learn about 1 semester’s worth, and then just slip that knowledge into their sentences.

Of course, I get really irritated when weeaboos act like Japan has something better going than America. There is a very interesting irony in this though. Anime prices are much higher in Japan! It costs about 40$ for a DVD with 2 episodes! I know this is probably going off of new titles, but that’s outrageous! Ironically, it would lead to weeaboos that actually make it to Japan finding that it is much more expensive to maintain their hobby in it’s country of origin than in another country! Prices on produce are like this too! It costs 50$ for a watermelon out there. No wonder they always eat rice! Furthermore, population density is much higher there, meaning things would be much more crowded. Why would anybody obsess over Japan when we can get their stuff in other countries for even better prices than the Japanese themselves pay!

Hence, if you encounter a weeaboo, Japanophile, wapanese guy, or whatever you prefer to call them, make sure to give them a good paddling.

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dyalibya said...

2 years and no comment ?
oh well , I'm not entirely sure about the definition of a Weeaboo , while i do like the Japanese culture ( anime , manga , lifestyle and costumes and language ) i have never thought of relocating to japan or fancied Japanese women , my social life is fine thank you very much , i can see how speaking a butchered language can be lame , but you seem to be way too angry at those ppl who did you no harm

Brandon Smith said...

(...2 years later)@dyalibya That's exactly what annoys the fuck out of me. You don't know Japanese culture. You have not been immersed in Japanese culture. You think you know all about it just from watching fucking cartoons and a few youtube videos. Seriously, that's like a Japanese person thinking they understand American culture because they watched an episode of Star Trek or something. Go there and see what it's actually like, and you'll probably change your mind.

Marymae Silver said...

It sounded slightly racist when you said, ''No wonder they eat rice!''
But otherwise, your description of weeaboos was good. And to add to it, weeaboos pretty much wish they were asian and curse their non-Japanese heritage. But there's also NOT being a weeaboo and you made it sound as if anyone interested in Japanese culture and going to Japan was a weeaboo for that; as if they were only interested in it out of the perspective of watching anime. There are many people who are interested in Japanese culture but are not weeaboos. And these people may or may not watch anime. But however, watching anime and being interested in the culture isn't entirely being a weeaboo. I think Japanese culture is cool. Not because of I watch anime. Just the perspective of learning about other cultures seems fun. And it sounds to me as if you went there and didn't have a good time...I've been there before on an 8th grade trip back in 2007. It was a good experience. And very different which made it more interesting. Different from America, of course. But I know where I belong, and it's not in Japan.

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