Friday, May 21, 2010

Anime in Focus: Classic: Golden Boy Episode 1

Hm, this anime was introduced to me by one of the anime clubs older presidents. It was… interesting to say the least. As a programmer, I wanted to ram my head into the floor when I saw the ending, but I try not to let that dictate the experience.

Anyway, this episode starts with the main character on a bicycle getting hit by a car. Out of the car steps a rich lady who hands him a million yen just to shut him up. By the way this woman is dressed; we can clearly tell that she is most likely a high class prostitute or incredible stripper. This is supported by her outfit, as seen below, which is tiny, bouncy, and you can clearly see her nipples. It’s very noticeable, I assure you.

Then, our hero, Kintaro Oe, witnesses a robbery, then runs off to his new job, while writing stuff in his notebook he constantly refers to. Anyway, he gets to his new job, which is a programming firm run by….. That prostitute from earlier? And a whole bunch of other attractive women? No males? What the hell? I know for a fact nobody that hot becomes a programmer! Programming firms are ALWAYS run by a bunch of dudes! (Not saying women can’t program, I’m just saying they don’t) This is false advertising, and I can assure that female programmers are overall just as unattractive and undateable as the male counterparts (trust me, not even programmers want to date programmers.) Anyway, Kintaro is expecting a programming job but unfortunately for him, he gets relegated to menial labor (despite what he thinks, nobody learns to program overnight.) Such as cleaning toilets.  Then we see a rather… interesting scene of Kintaro fantasizing about his boss whipping him. It was kind of silly.

Anyways, this episode revolves around the shenanigans that occur being the only male working at a programming firm run by women (DOES NOT COMPUTE) such as what goes on in the locker room, and learning how to write a fully functional COMMERCIAL program within a week (wait, WHAT!?!) Well, the other people I know said it was funny, but my experience as a programmer greatly hindered my enjoyment. However, the rest of the series appears to go away from that concept, so I may give it a second chance. Not to mention, since there are only six episodes, it wouldn’t be that much commitment.
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