Saturday, June 5, 2010

Anime in Focus: Air Gear episode 2

 <-Here we have Simca, the girl Ikki really wants to have intercourse with, due to being a heterosexual

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After a generic but entertaining enough first episode, we are now on to episode 2 of Air Gear, where we start with an elongated flashback of the first episode. It ends with those girls Ikki lives with for some reason revealing themselves to be their own Trekker gang, and beating the stuffing out of the henchmen in a gang that has been bothering Ikki. Dialogue was cheesy in a kind of bad way. These girls really need to practice their one liners.

Well, after Ikki skated through to the other side, he winds up crashing into the objective, causing him to win the race established in the previous episode. He does not get the nookie Simca was implying, which I’m sure is a letdown for him.

After this fiasco, Ikki tries to learn now to skate better under the supervision of Ringo from sleeping forest. He is not amused as she teaches him the basics. Later on, he tries to chase after Simca, in hopes of meeting her or something. This leads him into a direct confrontation with an entire gang of furries. Well, I’m not sure about the details, but their a bunch of guys wearing dog masks lead by a guy wearing a bull dog mask, leading me to believe they are most likely furries.

Anyways, we get to see a confrontation between Ringo and Simca about Ikki, which is kinda silly. Ringo’s concerned about Ikki’s safety, Simca wants him to do dangerous things because it turns her on. Meanwhile, Ikki gets into an epic rocket skate race with the gang of furries. It’s very interesting, and the furry gang shows a great deal of bromance.

Overall, although this series has shown no real interesting plot, it is fun to watch. I may be watching more later.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Convention Trances: Drawing on the essence of an anime convention

 <- While many scientists believe that this giant Pikachu is the source of people's miraculous amount of energy at events like Comic Con, I believe that the actual nerds that brought the Pikachu there are the source, rather than the Pikachu

I’ve come to realize that at conventions, nerds are highly capable of superhuman feats of endurance. During these times, the average nerd does not need to sleep, and suffers no ill consequence for it. I hypothesize that this it because the coalition of nerds present actually creates a type of energy in the air capable of sustaining people, much like the miracle product powerthirst, seen here This presence allows the excess energy from each person to go off to another person, sustaining them bit longer than necessary, while that person outputs a extra bit of energy to be used by another. Furthermore this allows a nerd to enter what will further be referred to as a “convention trance.”

This creates an interlinked network of nerds outputting energy in order to ensure that they all stay awake much longer than they would normally be able to do. This is a useful ability, only possible when great multitudes of nerds have gathered in the same area. Thankfully, during this time, it is quite possible for many nerds to enter a convention trance.

I myself have entered a convention trance before, and have found it to be quite useful. It allows me to do superhuman feats such as go on three hours sleep for multiple nights. It should be noted that this is not the zombie like state that is normally obtained from staying awake three nights in a row. Instead, this is a state of near perfect awareness, as long as you stay on the convention premises. Indeed, this state is ideal for convention activities, for without entering a convention trance, one would be able to encounter the entirety of the convention experience, and only see a few things. However, thanks to a convention trance, one is able to see an interview with their favorite artist at 9:00 AM and then go to rave parties till approximately 3:00 AM. This allows a small amount of time for transportation and breakfast, although the former is only absolutely necessary while performing a convention trance. 

The Point? When preparing for a convention such as Anime expo, do not worry too much about sleep, for you will be able to sustain yourself on about half the sleep you normally would. Just take in the essence of the convention, and let the convention trance do the rest of the work.

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Anime in Focus: Devil May Cry Episode 2

<- This episode kinda puts in Lady from Devil May Cry 3, but she doesn't really do much interesting stuff. Sad, I know

Previous episode

This episode is brought to you for free by Funimation HERE

Alright, after an acceptable introduction episode, we have Dante back at his demon hunting business, Devil May Cry, except now with a little girl he wound up adopting during the course of the previous episode. Although this does not seem befitting of a badass demon slayer like Dante, the author’s decided they needed something to round off his character to balance out the sheer badassery he normally emits. If his villains were half as badass as him, we might have an interesting show.

Episode 2 starts with Dante’s comrade from Devil May Cry 3, Lady killing some weird demon. This guy was a throw away of course, for the sole purpose of making Lady look more badass, and to introduce her for the later part of the episode.  

Lady ends up at the Devil May Cry telling Dante about a new job. Dante is not amused, apparently due to a history of doing jobs for Lady that don’t end well. Unfortunately for Dante, she manages to trick him into taking on the job she has set up for him, which is weeding out a demon amongst some motorcycle racers. This leads to Dante taking on one of the guys in a race, whose brother was killed in one of these races. The two of them race, but Dante is too badass for a helmet, and the other guy just assumes that because Dante is a total badass, he shouldn’t have to wear a helmet either.

During this race, Dante unsurprisingly encounters a demon on a bridge. Unsurprisingly, Dante kicks it’s ass while causing a lot of collateral damage.

Overall, while this show is kind of interesting, it is sort of riding on its license. It lacks any real suspense, and while this episodes fight scenes were more interesting than the ones in the previous episode, they still weren’t nearly as exiting as the cinematics in the games. I still wouldn’t recommend this series to anybody but a die-hard Devil May Cry fan.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dissappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya hits LA. Preview and info

Well, although I have already seen and reviewed the Haruhi movie, it seems like I haven’t reminded enough people to see it yet. Hence, it is imperative that everybody know that the movie will be showing in a theater in LA on June 24th (One week before anime expo) with tickets on sale now, here

The Laemmle theater is located on

450 West 2nd Street
Claremont, CA 91711-4664

And will have some of the voice actors from the series making appearances, such as Stephanie Sheh, the voice of Mikuru Asahina. Will she be wearing the bunny girl outfit? Who knows?

Furthermore, goodies will be given away, such as free books and manga, if you don’t have all the Haruhi stuff already. Furthermore, there will be incentives for Haruhi cosplayers to show up, meaning even if you don’t have a Haruhi costume or are male, there will be hot Haruhi cosplayers there. Awesome.

Not enough incentive to go? There will be a live performance by singer Christina Vee, along with a raffle by Crunchyroll to give away free subscriptions to their anime streaming site.

This event is going to be awesome, free stuff will be available to people who show up on time, and maybe I forgot the most important part! The movie is awesome. It’s like the Haruhi equivalent to Trust and Betrayal, and contains all the awesomeness that the second season lacked. There’s a trailer here….

So, if you happen to be in Southern California, I highly suggest that you make your way to LA on Thursday, June 24th in order to see this. Not to mention

Although the trailer does not really do the movie justice. No, the only real way to do this movie justice is to actually sit down and watch the thing. Not to mention, the trailer leaves out most of the plot, which is a delicious alternate universe where Kyon goes on a journey of self-realization, and realizes why he puts up with Haruhi's crap. We get to see what the world would look like if Haruhi wasn't screwing around with the nature of reality every two seconds. Furthermore, we find out what everybody would do if Haruhi had no superpowers.The overall movie winds up being as good s the better episodes, but stretched to three hours, without dragging. Furthermore, it acually feels like a movie, rather than an extended episode.  It’s three hours of Haruhi goodness, you got nothing better to do, why not go see it?
We must make this movie sell more than Avatar! I don’t care if its impossible, we have to try!

Furthermore, if you don't go, you'll make Yuki cry. Does anybody want that? No? I didn't think so.

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Anime in Focus: School Days Episode 5

<-Although this episode contained many detailed swimsuit scenes, I was not really that interested in them. Honest, I just wanted to get on with the incredibly juicy plot.

Well, this show is actually quite addicting. I really felt compelled to finish it before I went on to watch another anime on my own.

Well, after Itou nearly bumps uglies with Saionji in the previous episode, we now have the pool episode. I notice a LOT of detail in certain… areas… yeah

Well, after Itou does some flirting with Katsura, Saionji calls him a pervert while sulking in a corner. Their affection for each other is obviously bothering her a lot. But what really scares her is when Itou suggests that the “practice” a bit more, like the total sleazebag that he is. Gah, this guy bugs me. What’s his secret? I want it.

Oh yeah, the pool stuff ranges from eh, to pretty interesting. Jokes about boobies, standard pool episode stuff. Saionji needs to pull Itou aside and tells him about how they were only “practicing” and that they’re only friends, and he should be focusing on Katsura. Solid advice really, because I don’t know a girl who would like to hear what their boyfriends been doing behind their back with her best friend…

Honestly, to get to the good parts, just skip to part B, the first part is kinda boring. Second part is great, since the plot actually advances.

Well, the important part of this episode is in the last 5 minutes or so, after Itou says his goodbyes to Katsura. Then…. THIS **** GETS REAL AGAIN

Man this show loves to have awesome episode endings. I should be getting some sleep for tomorrow, but one more episode can’t hurt…..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anime in Focus: Outlaw Star Episode 1

Alright, so I was hanging at a friends house, and this show came up. It was agreed that we should watch it, based on the principal that I have not seen it, and everybody else has. This cases dissonance in the group, and prevents people from talking about spoilers, hence forcing them to force me to watch it.

Aesthetically, this show reminds me a bit of Cowboy Bebop. It starts out in a bar, with our two main characters killing of some cyborg nobody. The important thing is that the guy had a price on his head, thus allowing the main characters to get beef with their bell peppers and beef for the night. Oh yeah, and one of the guys hires a prostitute., which allows us to see his wicked-ass scars.

In the morning, our leads, Gene Starwind and James Hawking, wind up getting a shady looking job looking for suspiciously hard to get parts. They decide to take the job, because it would be a really boring show if they didn’t, and pay is good. The job winds up being a bodyguard gig for some farmer looking for moisture evaporators or whatever else they seem to need on the farm.

Unfortunately for our leads, this gig winds up being far more dangerous than they thought, for the person they wind up guarding has an army of ninja wizards after her. This leads to a car chase/fight scene involving ninja wizards using Taoist magic on the leads, as they attempt to get through the wizards defenses. The fact that the group is being attacked by ninja wizards causes Gene and James to ask the person they are protecting what is REALLY going on. Unfortunately for them it looks like their in deeper than they know…

Well, the first episode here is pretty solid. Starts out with a decent fight scene that introduces the characters, and ends on a note that keeps you interested. I would probably keep watching this series even if I wasn’t in a room with a bunch of people who were going to keep watching it anyway.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Funimation is getting ready to move out from it’s Roommate (Navarre)

<-If you click on it, you can see where it says Navarre corporation. Expect that part of the Funi logo to go away

Well, after a recent newscast on ANN it appears that Funimation’s parent company Navarre is looking to sell the company. However, business reports bore me, so I’m going to explain in metaphors….

Now then you see, when Funimation was a smaller company, they had some trouble making it out in the world after being told to move out from his parents (being sold by the original founders.) Hence, they moved in with Navarre, a software company. Navarre and Funimation were good roommates, and while they got along, they mostly minded their own business. Funimation had to hit up Navarre for beer money and gas a lot of the time, but when rent came around, Funimation still had to pay up.

However, Funimation is now making a lot of money off the internet, and wants to get a roommate that helps out more with it’s goals. Unfortunately, Navarre is too busy with his own job to help Funi work on his career goals. Hence, Funi and Navarre decided that it would be best if Funi found a roommate that cared more about his internet business than Navarre does, so that Funi can get bigger.

But why doesn’t Funi go out and just rent his own apartment? Well, you see the problem here is that while Funi has been doing much better for itself and could probably move out on his own, he doesn’t have much money saved up in case something goes wrong. Not to mention, it would still need to pay the security deposit he paid Navarre to move into the place. So for the time being, Funi is looking for a new roommate in order to help him a bit while he gets back on his feet. Fortunately though, I think Funi will be able to pay most of the rent while the new roommate mooches off of Funi’s beer money, rather than the other way around. Hopefully the new roommate will not hold Funi back too much, or worse, Funi gets a psychotic roommate. If Funi winds up with a psychotic roommate, they may get in the way of Funi’s business. If the roommate doesn’t pay their rent on time (provide enough resources or growth potential), Funi may not wind up being able to expand his online business. That wouldn’t be as bad as if Funi moved in with an Obsessive-Compulsive roommate, because Funi could easily replace a slacker roommate. Now then, Funi also has a chance of moving with an obsessive compulsive guy who will get in Funi’s way, and nitpick every aspect of Funi’s online business. This is bad, because Funi is a great webmaster, and obsessive compulsive roommates don’t really understand how Funimation’s online business works, and would really screw things up. However, both Funi and his current roommate Navarre are both feeling optimistic about the new roommate that Funimation gets

Let’s all wish Funimation good luck on finding a new roommate company, preferable one that will want to help Funi’s online business grow.