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Haruhi Movie Spoilers!

I noticed my boss here didn't give any details of what happened. Well, let me enlighten you.


Mikuru did it. She finally got tired of Kyon's whining and Haruhi's crap. During the movie, she was playing dumb the entire time. She strangled Haruhi near to death and then left her in a ditch. Yuki, finally free of the bitch's reality-oriented ADD, decided to play along. This included manipulating school records and everyone else's memories.

At the end, Kyon finds Haruhi and helps her regain her lost memories.

Pretty cheap and cliched ending, IMO. I mean, really? Amnesia?

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoshitsu) REVIEW

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is to awesome as Endless eight is to ****ing stupid


Well, upon realizing that this movie might be the anime equivalent to sliced bread, I decided not posting a review for it on my site would just be silly.

I realize that a couple days ago, I said I was resigning from the Eastern Orthodox Church of Haruhi Suzumiya, but after seeing this movie, my faith hath been restored!

Let’s see, where do I even start talking about this?

Plot Synopsis: Kyon is going through another day in his mundane and boring life in the SOS brigade, where he does the bidding of the local overdiety, Haruhi Suzumiya. Haruhi has dictated that the SOS brigade will be holding a Christmas party and blah blah blah, the first 20 minutes or so of the movie are kinda slow. But, to offer a counter statement, the first 20 minutes or so of 2009’s Star Trek were boring, so we can live with that. Beginning part just hammers in how everything is normal.

Until 3 days later, when Kyon is walking to school, and realizes that something is off…

He goes to school, and realizes that Huruhi has gone missing, and that nobody even knows who she is. He wonders about her empty seat in the classroom, until the person who belongs there shows up, who is none other than…. Ryoko Asakura


Strangely, none of the supernatural occurrences that normally occur in this series seem to be happening, He asks some of the other Brigade members, and learns that they have no idea what he is talking about, and that he sounds like he’s gone crazy.

Throughout the move, Kyon must go on a journey to find out what has happened to the universe, and attempt to bring it back, but this time he can’t go off and rely on Yuki or Koizumi for help…

MY OPINIONS: This movie manages to break a lot of conventions that most movie adaptations of an anime series go through. Most movies just make a 2 hour long monster of the week plot. Other movies decide to just cram the whole series into two hours. Not this one. This one decides to make a 3 hour epic (okay, 2 and a half) about Kyon’s journey through several universes where he learns more about himself, realizes why he does what he does, and what would happen if he finally got his wish and was allowed to live a normal life. It has twists, turns, and keeps you guessing. Characters come out feeling more fleshed out.

BUT NO, Kyoto animation couldn’t just let it end there. They have to give Yuki’s fans a boatload of stuff too. We get to see what she would act like if she wasn’t some messenger from the universal data being… thingy. Amazingly, Yuki manages to provide more moe than freaking MIKURU in this movie! Mind blowing, I know. Some fans might complain about the lack of Haruhi in this movie, but I find that her lacking presence forced us to see what Kyon would do if Haruhi stopped messing up his normal life. He most certainly loses the things he complains about, which is why we love him.

ASSUMPTIONS: Well, if you want to watch this, you need to have seen the first season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and the first episode of the second season (endless 8 is mentioned, but you really shouldn’t watch that) Oh yeah, if you didn’t like the first season, you probably won’t like this.

Afterthoughts: You should definitely see this, if you’re a fan of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. No exceptions. I was exited from the moment Bouken Desho Desho started playing. Yuki x Kyon shippers NEED to see this, otherwise they are betraying their ship. I’m now confused about whether to ship Kyon with Mikuru or Yuki. Kyon looks sooo cute with Yuki in this movie though, and there’s that one scene. People who only like the series for Haruhi might be disappointed in her lack of presence, but they should look at the title. Definitely the best movie spinoff of an anime I’ve ever seen.

HOW TO SEE IT: Well, as this blog mentions  there’s going to be a screening in San Fransisco on May 21st. Let’s see, DVD should be coming soon. There will be screenings in a few other states. Almost garunteed to be shown at Anime Expo.

Update: well, it's past May 21, so the new showing will be in LA. More info here
No info about an anime expo showing

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Why does my girlfiend want me to be a Bishounen?

 ^Try the New Sexy Naughty Bishi workout, Guaranteed to turn you from the biggest badass in the nation to a pretty boy that fangirls will squeal over for some strange reason

Previous Letter:My Boyfriend is a furry

Dear BryAnime,

Hello, I was reading your fan letters section, and I was wondering what you thought on an issue I’ve been having with my girlfriend. Now then, we met at the local college, she was into psychology, I was into astrophysics (That major will drive you insane), we totally hit it off.

Now then, problems started rising up when I introduced her to anime. She wasn’t really into it when we started out (I showed her my favorite series, Gurren Lagan.) Sensing her disinterest, I tried showing her a more cutsie series, like Fruits Basket (my previous girlfriend showed it to me, and I got hooked.) She absolutely LOVED it. The problems started when she joined an anime forum and started connecting with other anime fangirls about stuff. Next thing I know, she’s discussing how attractive the characters in Fruits Basket with some other anime fans. A problem I noticed though, was the guys she was fantasizing over were nothing like me. She was talking about how pretty Yuki was, or how “bishi” Ayame was…. This was awkward for me, because I’m nothing like them. I’m about 6’3, muscular, and dress like a Biker. I tried to brush it off as a phase, and just prayed that it would get better.

Unfortunately, a week later, problems began. She asked me to grow my hair out. This wasn’t an issue, as I just refused to do it (long hair is SO impractical.) The really problem occurred when she told me that I wasn’t “pretty” enough. What the hell is THAT supposed to mean? I’m a dude, I’m supposed to be masculine, not “pretty.” What really got me angry is when she suggested that I get a manicure so that I’d be more “pretty”. After this I nearly flipped out, angry at her new “expectations” about what a male is supposed to look like. Well, we started arguing about how whether or not it was stupid for her to be gawking over guys who look like girls, and now we haven’t been talking much. Was I wrong? Should I apologize?

A Disgruntled manly man

Dear Disgruntled manly man,

Well, you clearly have a conflict of interests with your girlfriend. She wants you to be a girl, and you want to be a boy. I’ve noticed a strange tendency among females who like anime to like men who look like women. You’ll just have to tell her you’re a guy and that you’re not comfortable making yourself pretty, and that she’ll have to deal with it. Or suggest that she date women if she finds feminine traits so attractive.

Sincerely, BryAnime

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Next Letter:Why won't my Boyfriend stop looking at Hentai?

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My resignation from the church of Haruhi

 <-sad music playing in background

Well, Ladies and Gentleman, I make no secret of the fact that I am a member of the clergy in the Eastern Orthodox church of Haruhi Suzumiya. Alas, I believe that recent events have caused me to falter from the path set aside for us by our patron, Haruhi.

I have been meditating with my fellow Haruhiists, and alas, they were entierely unable to convince me that I should renew my faith. Instead, I will attempt to look for time Travelers, Espers, and Aliens in my own fashion. Alas, I cannot remain within the church, for I do not feel that it will help me cope with my lack of faith.

What has caused me to falter? Well, I do not believe I can maintain my faith under such trials and tribulations as the “Endless Eight” and the rest of the second season. At the start, “Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody” led me to believe that there would be hope for the second coming of Haruhi, but alas, I have now realized that there can be no second coming. There will only be Anti-Haruhis and those claiming to have seen her word, false believers, and those who are delusional and have no REAL faith in this church. How could my faith grow in such circumstances?

I ask you this bretheren in the Church of Haruhi! Why do you remain when our patron refuses to answer our prayers? Does standing by and waiting for something to happen not violate the strict doctrines outlined in the opening hymn “Bouken Desho Desho?” Alas, who wants to stand by and wait for something to happen on that lonely rail? I cannot speak for all of you believers, but I believe that we can find hope outside of this Haruhi-forsaken church

Alas, from this day forward, I am a Haruhiist no more.

So long, and thanks for the memories.

(Oh yeah, this post was proven to be bogus when I got my faith back upon seeing the movie. See?)

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Anime in Focus: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 episode 11

Well, here we are on episode 3 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2. What?



Anyway, this episode continues the plot arc from the previous episode. I remember that one time in the first season where they showed the first part of a two parter, an unrelated episode, then the second part to the two-parter. That was funny. Alas, this episode is more on the making of the movie in episode 0. Here we see the casting choices, where Haruhi ironically casts everybody as… themselves. Of course, nobody wants to tell Haruhi that they really ARE a hidden Esper, a time traveler, and a magical alien. So they all pretend to be high school students pretending to be part of a science fiction show. Then they start filming, which involves Mikuru acting like an idiot, and Haruhi proving herself to be a horrible director. Kyon complains a lot. Small scene of Kyon x Mikuru, but Haruhi gets in the way. We need MOAR Kyon x Mikuru

And they REALLY need to get new material. I mean, this show hasn’t been covering new ground since the first episode of the second season, and has just been riding on the coattails of previous successes. Man, I’m not really sure what to think, the first season was great and all but… eh.

Coming soon:

Episode 3

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya (manga) volume 1

Contrary to popular belief, I do NOT worship every item the Haruhi has touched, thankyouverymuch

Well, I actually did NOT hit gold while scouring my local library for comic books and manga to review. As the college priest of the Eastern Orthodox church of Haruhi Suzimiya, I was utterly compelled to pick this up. Unfortunately, my expectations were not met.

Sadly, this wasn’t nearly interesting as the anime version of this series. Haruhi just isn’t nearly as interesting panel by panel. I dunno, it just lacks… energy. It doesn’t help that the anime uses a lot of bright colors, which doesn’t translate will into black and white. So, this is Haruhi with much less vibrance. Also, the characters are drawn a bit differently, while not always a problem, they actually look a bit bland. Haruhi’s enthusiasm isn’t something that translates well onto paper, so she just comes off as a sociopath. Ya know, Haruhi could very well be an antagonist if the franchise took a different direction…

Anyway, the plot… It’s kind of a jumbled mess, if you don’t know what’s going on from the anime. Kyon is a high schooler who has resigned himself to a boring life until he meets Haruhi, a wacko who wants to turn this boring ass school into something more interesting, with Aliens, time travelers and espers. Haruhi decides that Kyon gets to be her bitch and makes him do all her dirty work. They then conquer the literature club and assimilate its only member into a society known as… the SOS brigade.

Same plot as the anime, except that fiasco with Ryoko~chan happens before Mikuru joins the Brigade. I highly recommend you watch the anime instead, since the three dimensional medium allows the characters to be fleshed out more. You know, I’ve been a bit disappointed with this franchise lately. Maybe I should check out the novelizations, I heard those are pretty good.

Oh yeah, don’t buy this on Amazon, I heard there was a screw up and this got confused with the light novel. Customers were happier with the product they got though, so I guess they win?

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Anime in Focus: Exel Saga Episode 4

Okay, I honestly haven’t seen any other episodes of this series. Doesn’t seem to matter much in this series, since it’s a non-coherent comedy. Everybody in the club was talking about how this was the legendary dating sim episode. Legendary because almost every option went like this:

1.) Console her
2.) Scold her
3.) Put it in

Usually option 3 seemed like the wisest choice, and it immediately became an in joke around the club. Because option three always makes your life better. Most major plot decisions in the episode cased a screen to appear that gave you a set of options like this. This made perfect sense in the scenes where that guy was hanging around Hyatt… and less sense in other cases. Still pretty funny. There wasn’t much of a coherent plot in this episode, as it just goes from one ridiculous situation to another. Hm, perhaps I should watch the first 3 episodes to get the series a bit more, but I seriously doubt it will make more sense.

Definitely need to see it so you know what option 3 is!

Coming sometime

Excel Saga episode 5!

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Hi, I'm the New Guy

Greetings, readers. I'm the newest addition to the BryAnime crew. The name is a long story, but you can call me, well, basically anything for short. Popular options include "Nappy" and "NtC". I've also been known to respond to "Hey, asshole!" so use whatever you like.

I'm a bit more caustic than BryAnime himself. But never fear, I won't insult you lineage without cause. I'm happy to be on board and will be an occasional contributor. We'll see how often inspiration strikes me.

Live Long, Prosper, and watch lots of good anime. Legally. I can't emphasize that enough. You love your shows, so support the artists. They ruv you rong time if you do.

Anime in Focus: Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Episode 6

What? No previous episode again? How could this be? Well, like the last series I reviewed I started before I picked up blogging again. But since I like this series a bit more than the last one, I’m more inclined to watch the previous episodes.

This series is about a pair of gradeschool kids who have been dimension hopping after screwing up the balance in their home dimension. Lots of making fun of other genres. In this episode, they take a jab at the 1920’s gangster movie genre. In this universe, every corner of the shopping arcade is run by either a part of the mafia or the police. Sasshi gets confused for a legendary sniper, and manages to make this claim look reasonable by knowing a lot about guns. Ten year olds are weird these days. Meanwhile, Arumi gets caught up in the police force for some reason. More bizarre is the fact that while the rest of the world is in the 1920’s the police force is stuck in the 1960’s. I sincerely hope that was deliberate.

Anyhoo, a flashier sniper appears and convinces the mafia that Sasshi is a fake, and he gets shot. Apparently in this universe when you get shot, you turn into a comic relief character that nobody pays attention to. Really sucks.

Surprisingly, in this episode, they take some time to show that this series actually has a plot, shown by a scene with Mune Mune and that guy with blue hair. Also, they reveal that the reason the main characters can’t go home is that they actually aren’t mentally prepared to go home. This revelation actually makes me a bit more interested in this series than I was.

So although this series started a bit slow, it is picking up a bit.

Which is a good thing

Coming soon (probably)
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Episode 7

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Macbeth: The graphic Novel

 It's like what you read in English class, but but without the good

Well, I’m pretty broke, so I was going through the comics and manga available at my local library. I was moderately intrigued when I saw this, a graphic novel about Macbeth… but IN SPACE!

Hoping it would be as good as that anime I watched about The Count of Monte Cristo…. IN SPACE, I picked it up. This unfortunately, was not like The Count of Monte Cristo… IN SPACE! (Further referred to as Gankutsuou.) Instead, this is like they took an audio file for a Macbeth play, and stuck it over video clips from Star Wars. What do I mean? This book takes place IN SPACE, and yet people are still talking in old English. What the hell? Most of the lines are taken straight from the play, which is a problem, because a lot of them don’t even apply. The dialogue refers to horses, and yet the illustrations show pictures of freaking space dragons! Every character talks in old English, and it looks really forced. You can tell that they didn’t put any effort to ensuring that the dialogue was relevant or fit the setting. Whoever thought keeping the original dialogue like the way it was in the play needs to be whacked in the head, while being yelled at in olde English.

Well, plot is same old Macbeth they taught you in English class, but with visuals that don’t match it at all. Art is decent at parts, but just abysmal at others. Some parts look like they weren’t finished before the deadline. Also, ending comes way too quickly and takes no time to set in. Like the characters wanted to get this over with as much as I did. Either way, despite being written in the 1600’s, the plot feels rushed. Authors REALLY should have spent some time translating the plot so that it would make some sense. If I didn’t know anything about Macbeth, I’d have no idea what this book was about.

Fortunately, I got this book from the Library so I didn’t have to pay anything.

Go watch the Gankutsuou if you want to see Classical Literature IN SPACE!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anime in Focus: Black Lagoon Episode 6

But wait, aren’t you going to post a link to the previous episode? The answer is no, I’m not. I watched that in the anime club a semester or so ago, and it’s all mushed together right now. So the anime in focus section on Black Lagoon will be missing episodes 1-5 until I feel like rewatching them (could be a while)

This is part two of a two parter for this series. Part one was kinda boring, as not much happened. The team on the Black Lagoon was sent down to go retrieve a relic of the nazi regime, while being apposed by neo Nazis. The neo nazi’s want it in order to boost morale. In the previous episode, the nazi’s managed to steal the pointing, and now the Black Lagoon team is going to go shoot those bastards to get it back.

The Nazi’s don’t put up much of a fight, and our team of pirates have more issues dealing with each other than the nazis. Our psychotic action chick Revy, thinks the new guy is causing problems. Dutch, the boss, believes Revy is letting that get to her and screwing up the mission. There is a nice owned moment after the nazi commander makes a big speech towards Revy about his gun, then Revy shoots him in the face before he can use it.

Overall, this episode kinda lacked suspense, and I had no real doubts about the Black Lagoon’s ability to shoot everybody. Don’t really get as exited about this series as some of the other anime club members. Eh.

Coming whenever we watch it in club again:

Black Lagoon Episode 7

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Local Artists: MoonyMonster

I’ve decided to create a new section where I discuss the Deviant art profiles of various people. At the moment, I’m just writing about people I’ve met who have good art, but as time goes on and my scope and influence increases, I may start tackling bigger people.

For now, we’ll discuss one of Saddleback anime club’s more prominent artists, Moony Monster. Moony monster does a lot of work on Pokemon fan art. I kinda like her attempts to make Pokemon look darker and edgier, like this Charmander:

I like how it looks fierce instead of the usual cute and cuddly Charmander presented in Pokemon. Penciling is nice. Now, my first thought is that charmander is supposed to be orange, but then I asked, and apparently the game will very rarely spawn a white Charmander, which automatically makes you special. Because then your friends will be jealous that you’re Pokemon is more unique than theirs

On another note, Moony does some more linear comics, like this yaoi comic between Ash and Brock:

Now then, this one wins based solely on concept points. What? I don’t hate yaoi, I just usually dislike annoying yaoi fangirls! There’s plenty of room for yaoi to be funny. I found this one to be kinda cute for some reason.

Lesse, one other project is this one:

Saw her working on this one a while back. It appears that Army of Darkness jokes are quite popular in the local artists circle.

Overall, I think MoonyMonster is a relatively good artist, particularly in her recent works. Also, if we look at her earlier works and compare them to her more recent stuff (shown here) we can see a large degree of improvement.

Also, it should be noted that Moony does commissions.

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Next Artist: Joker's Bri

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Anime in Focus: G-Gundam Episode 2

<- Here we have this weeks opponent, the American Gundam

Previous Episode


This episode begins with a guy wearing an eyepatch explaining the rules of this universe, and how people have migrated into space, leaving earth to poor people and giant robot fights. Guess which one of those things gets more focus!

This episode, our hero Kasshu travels to America in order to do battle with their champion, Jiminy Crocket. This episode is fun, because it lets us see what Japan thinks of us Americans. We are introduced to America’s mecha Pilot, who drives a mech that wears a football helmet for some reason. Apparantly while this mecha wears a football helmet, the pilot is a pro boxer or something. Because he’s about to go into a title match with some black guy.

A bit into the episode, we get to what the main character Domon is doing. We meet him in the black guys room, where he is preparing for the title fight with Jiminy Crocket. He beats the crap out of the black guy, and sneaks into the title fight….

Wait, WHAT? An Asian guy passes for a black guy in front of a stadium full of people? I mean he was wearing a cloak over his face but REALLY?

Well, anyways, Domon beats the crap out of Jiminy Crocket, and then challenges him to a giant robot fight, in front of a stadium full of people.

Pissed off by this humiliation Jiminy’s people attempt to get vengeance on Domon. So, the CIA attempts to assassinate him. Ironically, this isn’t what Jiminy wants, as he wants to duke it out with Domon publicly. This triggers a flashback of Jiminy’s back story, where we found out he was a poor orphan boy with a dream. Like all Americans.

A few CIA sabotage attempts later, Jiminy and Domon duke it out publicly. Fight was kind of a disappointment actually. CIA drama was more interesting than the fight. Well, in the end Domon heads out of town into the sunset to find a new opponent.

I’ve actually been enjoying this series and I may continue it without the anime club if they don’t finish it. I hope it maintains it’s cheesy goodness throughout.


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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anime in Focus: School Days Episode 1

Well, this one was quite interesting. While my local Anime club was deciding what to watch, this anime came up. Half were exited, another half were trying to talk us out of watching it. Hearing that it was a harem that ends badly, I was partially exited, simply because of how sick I am of seeing happy couples get their happy ending. I sometimes like that warm and fuzzy feeling that a lot of shoujo emits, but at the moment,  after I’ve been rejected for the 20,000th time, seeing a happy couple makes me sick.

Anyhoo, this anime starts with the lead sitting on a train taking a picture of a girl he likes with his phone. Kinda creepy, but whatever. He tries to hide his affection for her from his friends, as typical romantic comedy rules dictate you should. It’s really trying to hard to get you to think this will be a typical romantic comedy. The girl that sits next to him in class finds out, and starts antagonizing him about it. This actually leads to a scene where the lead starts threatening the girl next to him. I found this to be deliciously messed up.

His friends start suggesting that the girl next to him is totally into him. This doesn’t seem true when the girl who sits next to him introduces him to the girl he’s been crushing over…..

She introduces them, and they hit it off quite well….

Later that day though, THIS STUFF GETS REAL

Well, gotta leave some suspense, but the ending to this first episode got me exited.

I also noticed all the girls in this anime have abnormally huge eyes. I don’t have a problem with it, but it’s really noticeable.
Next Episode ->