Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Planet Hulk

Ah yes, I’m sort of kind of making a comeback to the blogging field. Isn’t that nice of me? Anyhoo, next up in the "Thing’s I’ve read but haven’t gotten around to reviewing" category is “Planet Hulk” a story about Hulk kicking some ass.

What? You say Hulk always kicks ass? How very true indeed. But in this book, Hulk’s asswhooping ability turns out to be an advantage, rather than a curse. In this story, Hulk has been banished to the deep regions of space, hopefully never to be seen again. This leads Hulk into a more exiting adventure this time, unlike those suckers stuck in Civil War. Instead, Hulk has crash landed on a planet in an earlier stage of development. A planet where people still hold Gladiatorial matches, and keep slaves. Hulk is captured on this planet, and is forced to smash his way to freedom. Along the way, he teams up the freaks he is supposed to be fighting in gladiatorial combat, and starts a rebellion. Yes, because Hulk is THAT awesome.

Is this book good? Hell yeah, this is now my favorite book by Marvel. It’s a book where Bruce Banner is a hindrance to society, and Hulk gets to be helpful. Hulk is struggling with Banner. Hulk gets to smash freaks, zombies, and overthrow an evil Empire. Hell, it would even serve as an excellent conclusion to all of the Hulk stories (*sigh* too bad that would end sales, now wouldn’t it) It’s exiting, action packed, and hotblooded. And you can tell that the creators put a lot of effort into this project. They even included an miniature history for the planet Hulk invades, and how the empires run, where they get their technology. It’s got all of the details that make a good comic. It show’s Hulk’s anger, his struggles, and how much society shuns him, and the fact that he has the capacity for good at the same time. Hell, I may even go check out the sequel “World War Hulk.” If you only have to read one thing by Marvel this year, read this, and you won’t regret it. Now then, next thing on my backlog of things that I need to review.

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Nightwing Year One

Hay guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. Anime club’s showing an anime starting from the end, so I’ve vouched not to have the ending blown

Although people say that Superman is a dick, I must say that he isn’t the only dick in Superhero comics. Batman can be a real dick sometimes too. This book starts with Batman being a dick to Dick Grayson, the original Robin, causing him to quit. This causes Dick to attempt to branch out as his own Superhero, living without the bat. A great idea for a story, because it shows that superheroes CAN grow and change, despite what retcons do tell us.

Is this book good? Yes, it’s very good, especially for an origin story. Should you read it? Sure, go ahead, if you wanna see Robin move out from Batman’s place. I’d say this is a pretty good superhero story, if not for the sole fact that it changes something in the DC continuity, and for the better at that. So check your local library, order online, or wherever you go to pick up comics.

More reviews to come, since I happen to have time right now.