Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Dark Knight Review

(Taken from my myspace, decided it was relevant with the DVD release)

What are dense? Are you retarded or something? Of course I had to see the Dark Knight. This was the story about a comedian in a dark and hypocritical society, while some guy dressed as a bat ruins his fun.

A bit after Begins, everybody feels much braver. A lawyer named Harvey Dent is even pushing criminals off the streets. This is causing problems, as the criminals are on their last legs. Things are looking up for gotham. However, there are those who are against gotham being redeemed. That's where our good friend the Joker sets in. Now, Batman ends up getting an appropriate opponent. Ah yes, this is where this movie really shines. Now, Batman must deal with a genuine psychopath, who is out for a bit of fun. What is really great is how we get to know this Joker. We get to learn how he feels about things, and why he lives the way he does. It's all deliciously sick. Your stomach will turn while you enjoy yourself. Really, Ledger steals the show with his performance. It is delightful.

Why was this movie good? It was dark and twisted. That, and it was a bit funny for all the deliciously wrong reasons (Watch me make this pencil disappear!) That, and it is one of those sequels that trumps the original. Since this had a good original, that is really saying something. The acting is quite good, and everybody does a believable job. This is quite a feat when the movie is about a guy dressed as a bat chasing a clown who loves the way people scream when you stab them. Anyway, this film is quite enjoyable, as suspending disbelief is incredibly easy, which is always good for a fictional film.

Anyway, I do have a few nitpicks. I really think that subplot they introduce towards the end could have used its own movie. Honestly, it felt a little tacked on, and any antagonist was bound to be overshadowed by the Joker. Also, the action wasn't that great. Well, a few scenes were, but mostly it felt like car chases for having car chases. Also, the hype. It obviously did not live up to it. It was a great movie, but with this hype, the only way it could live up to it would be if Jesus came back to see the movie (credit to Itsjustsomerandomguy.) And it dragged a little. Like I said previously, if they left that subplot at the end for it's own movie, it would have been much better.

Should you watch the movie? If you haven't, I want you to turn off your computer and go see it right now. RIGHT NOW. It is incredibly entertaining, and reminds us why we watch movies. It's entertaining, the dialogue is good, and it overall leaves you pretty satisfied. Well, or a little sick. Either way, it's all good fun, right. Lets put a smile on that face….