Monday, December 29, 2008

Persona 3 Review

Hey… I have a gun and a monster is about to attack me! I Know! I’ll shoot myself in the head!

Ah, the Persona series. The very reason that I haven’t been making any new blog entries. I actually played this game about two years ago, when it first came out, but I’m going to talk about now… to prepare people for the MASSIVE FREAKING PERSONA 4 Review that I’m going to write. Until that time though, I’m so freaking addicted to Persona 4 that it’s ridiculous.

Persona 3 is a very… unique game. It’s part dating sim, and part dark RPG. ….yeah, those two we’re definitely meant to go together. This weird combination creates a wonderful gaming experience that is relatively unforgettable, although it comes with some flaws…. Some expected, some aren’t.

First thing I like is the gameplay. In many games you get to be a super powered-person, but you don’t really get to control what that person does in everyday life. This one let’s you cover every aspect of your character’s identity. It’s not as open ended as say, Morrowind, but for a Japanese RPG, there is little competition. The other part, the combat, is also pretty interesting. It’s very deadly, where a single mistake could send you back to the title screen. Hence, you are always thinking on your toes. Unfortunately, this means if you get hit by a Death attack, you will lose a few hours of playing. Also, it has an intense combo system that enemies will employ against you. Every time you or an enemy uses an attack that the target is weak against, you get a free attack. Some enemies are merciless about this. Worse yet, you get a game over if the main character dies, regardless of whether or not the rest of the party is still standing. You can employ these tactics against your enemies though, making this one of the most hard-core RPG’s I’ve ever played.

The Persona system: I’m not going to discuss shooting yourself in the head to cast spells here. By the end game, it becomes about as significant as any other spellcasting animation. What’s more interesting is your ability to gather several different monsters known as “Personas” and fuse them into other monsters. Combining these allows you to create versions of monsters with all kinds of weird abilities. It’s fun, and will keep you busy for a while.

The S-Links: The dating sim part of this game is known as S-Lnks…. Or the people your character is friends with. By building relationships with people, you can get various bonuses, mostly in the form of EXP while fusing personas.Some of the people are pretty interesting, others are less so. If you build a strong enough relation with somebody, you can create even MORE powerful Personas. Yes, this game has mechanical benefits for using the power of friendship.

The characters: Best overall cast ever. At least on the hero’s side. You work with an entire team of characters who are likable, developed, and interesting. And it gets better! You know how in RPG’s they railroad the main character into a relationship? This game doesn’t do that? Go ahead; date one of the NPC girls for all it cares! This game may not have any character that sticks out as the best, but the cast is well rounded enough that together, they compete with the party in Xenosaga. Well, most of the cast…. Koramaru doesn’t count.

The problem with having a great cast of heroes is that you need a cast of villains to match them. These villains are not present. There’s a few guys who try to match you, but they sort of start sucking towards the end. Then…. Ugh… don’t get me started on the last boss. Every bit as exiting as wet cardboard…. She has a nice theme song, but she does NOTHING to earn it. At the end it’s all like “uh yeah, we need a main villain, so this big mean thing is bringing the apocalypse.” OH NOES…. *sigh* C’mon, these guys needed the Joker or something, not what was given.

Should you buy this game? Heck yeah, since it’s pretty unique and interesting. If you want an RPG that leaves the Final Fantasy mold, by all means try this one. It started at 40$ and has only gotten cheaper. It may drag for a few parts, but it does give you your money’s worth, and it is a really refreshing experience.

Now, I’m going back to play Persona 4. Imagine everything good about Persona 3, but MORE of the good stuff. Expect the fanboy infused report soon.

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You heard me! Buy this game! Fes version is cheaper and comes with post game content. Original version is cheaper and comes with an art book

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ryan and Sean’s not so Excellent adventure Review

Oh. Em. Gee. go see this movie!

Ah, one of my favorite Youtube celeberties made a big time movie. If you aren’t familiar with them, go watch their channel now, and if make sure you watch How to be Ninja.

Ryan and Sean is about the character in the title’s adventures. It’s like a two hour long version of their youtube channel, except with an ongoing plot that sort of ties it together. More importantly, they parody popular ideas, and act like ninjas. They manage to make a gay joke that’s actually funny. Half the female cast is actually men in drag. They break into song repeatedly, and dance provocatively. All in a classic Nigahija fashion.

Is it worth your time? Definitely, assuming you like their youtube channel. It’s full of quick cuts and WTF moments. The cast is excellent, although it contains a lot of jokes about Asians and midgets. Most of the gags revolve around visual humor and the characters acting really dumb. I loved the insane fan guy with his shrine where he worships Ryan and Sean. The special effects are terrible, in a home video fashion. Sometimes they are so freaking bad it’s good. It’s definitely hilarious if you’re into internet humor. That is a bit of a problem though. For those of you who don’t get internet humor, this movie will appear flat-out dumb. It’s nothing if not niche. If you like these guys’s Youtube channel go see it. I was exited as soon as I heard a remix of The Ninja Glare.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Dark Knight Review

(Taken from my myspace, decided it was relevant with the DVD release)

What are dense? Are you retarded or something? Of course I had to see the Dark Knight. This was the story about a comedian in a dark and hypocritical society, while some guy dressed as a bat ruins his fun.

A bit after Begins, everybody feels much braver. A lawyer named Harvey Dent is even pushing criminals off the streets. This is causing problems, as the criminals are on their last legs. Things are looking up for gotham. However, there are those who are against gotham being redeemed. That's where our good friend the Joker sets in. Now, Batman ends up getting an appropriate opponent. Ah yes, this is where this movie really shines. Now, Batman must deal with a genuine psychopath, who is out for a bit of fun. What is really great is how we get to know this Joker. We get to learn how he feels about things, and why he lives the way he does. It's all deliciously sick. Your stomach will turn while you enjoy yourself. Really, Ledger steals the show with his performance. It is delightful.

Why was this movie good? It was dark and twisted. That, and it was a bit funny for all the deliciously wrong reasons (Watch me make this pencil disappear!) That, and it is one of those sequels that trumps the original. Since this had a good original, that is really saying something. The acting is quite good, and everybody does a believable job. This is quite a feat when the movie is about a guy dressed as a bat chasing a clown who loves the way people scream when you stab them. Anyway, this film is quite enjoyable, as suspending disbelief is incredibly easy, which is always good for a fictional film.

Anyway, I do have a few nitpicks. I really think that subplot they introduce towards the end could have used its own movie. Honestly, it felt a little tacked on, and any antagonist was bound to be overshadowed by the Joker. Also, the action wasn't that great. Well, a few scenes were, but mostly it felt like car chases for having car chases. Also, the hype. It obviously did not live up to it. It was a great movie, but with this hype, the only way it could live up to it would be if Jesus came back to see the movie (credit to Itsjustsomerandomguy.) And it dragged a little. Like I said previously, if they left that subplot at the end for it's own movie, it would have been much better.

Should you watch the movie? If you haven't, I want you to turn off your computer and go see it right now. RIGHT NOW. It is incredibly entertaining, and reminds us why we watch movies. It's entertaining, the dialogue is good, and it overall leaves you pretty satisfied. Well, or a little sick. Either way, it's all good fun, right. Lets put a smile on that face….

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Star Trek- The Manga Kakan Ni Shinkou review

Well, I’m still borrowing as many comics from the library as they have. Leading me to Star Trek the manga….

Wow, this must be the dorkiest thing I’ve ever laid hands on. C’mon, both Star Trek and Manga? Honestly though, when I think about it, it appears to be a GREAT idea, hypothetically. Manga is a medium known for high fantasy, Trek is high fantasy (IN SPACE) Both have fantastic creatures, characters, locations, really they should get together much better than they did…

Anyway, I accidentally started with the second volume, which didn’t make a difference, as this manga is every bit as episodic as the original series of Star Trek (which usually didn’t require that you watch any previous episodes) I actually didn’t like that aspect of Star Trek, as I thought it would do great as a serial….

…. And that problem is inflated here. I was hoping for a serial, and instead I see a bunch of disconnected chapters that have nothing to do with each other. Yep, this feels just like watching an episode of the original series. Everybody manages to stay in character, and I could picture most of them saying this stuff. The plots… I could totally see them happen in the original series. Which means they range in quality, have tons of cheese, and have all kinds of crazy instances. This is both good and bad, as it doesn’t get better than the original, and it doesn’t alienate the fans of the original. However, I would have preferred for a plot that was much more connected.

Art Style varied between chapters, as this was a collaborative project. I liked some of it but other parts were a little…. eh. I noticed the tradition of having tons of one-shot characters dieing continues. I wonder where the federation gets people for these missions, seeing as they die so often. Another gripe is that the individual stories seem far too short, and could have used a little more development. Although flawed, this manga is still readable, but comes off as a lighter version of the Trek universe.

Overview: Get it if you want a quick introduction to Trek, or need a quick Trek fix, but if you aren’t into Trek, you should probably pass.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Twilight Review

(Yeah, I know, not anime or manga)

Twilight. If I didn’t want to see this movie, my sister would have tied me up and made me watch it anyway. So I went quietly, and actually found it to be a pretty entertaining film. It definitely was not the best vampire story I’ve ever seen, and it wasn’t exactly perfect, but it was a fun watch.

Characters: Main character, Bella Swan, is blah. I don’t really have any reason to understand her actions…. She just doesn’t make sense. She’s way too trusting of people… like right after a vampire admits he’s the perfect hunter, with every tool to bring down a human from super seduction to super speed, she COMPLETELY trusts the guy. What the hell? Other than that, she’s the standard teenager. Kinda boring. Then we have Edward, Mr. Sexy guy who’s in every movie. He’s handsome, strong, smells nice, so dreamy he makes me wanna vomit. Also, he’s a vampire…. Which is AWESOME… but he doesn’t suck human’s blood, which makes him a bit less awesome. He has some funny moments. Then we have Bella’s dad, who is pretty cool, thanks to the shotgun scene. Other than that, he’s a police sheriff and a single father, in a small town. Other characters are mainly minor, like the vampire family. There’s the really hawt girl with the short hair, the awkward guy, the incredibly handsome fatherly figure, and the mother.

The movie has an okay cast, aside from the main character. They have nice chemistry, and they make the scenes flow very nicely. Vampires in this universe aren’t really like the vampires in other universes. They don’t sleep at all, (no coffins) they don’t get killed by daylight (something happens to make them avoid daylight, but it’s facepalm-worthy at best) The only way to kill them is to tear them to shreds and burn the pieces. Also, they have super speed and strength, giving them enough super powers to make superman blush. On top of all that, their all total sex magnets, with perfect bodies, and hair that looks like they’re getting ready for an anime convention (seriously, it’s always spiked just right, in ways that defy gravity.) At least they suck blood…. But none of the main characters suck human blood, and the evil vampires don’t do it onscreen. I only saw one neck get bitten during this entire movie, and it was a minor flash. GAH! Definitely not my favorite vampire mythology.

Plot: Eh, I’ve seen this done in SO many anime it’s ridiculous. It’s a love story about Bella Swan falling in love with the irresistible Edward, who’s eyes glow and has sparkles coming off his skin. Edward, as a vampire, thinks she’s really hot and wants to suck her blood. But he can’t, because he’ll lose control, and won’t be able to stop sucking until it’s too late. Also, he’s a creepy stalker who follows her around. However, he’s so fabulously uber sexy that she finds it charming. It had some extremely funny moments (I’m not sure if they were intentional) and it was fun to watch. I guess it’s like the mindless action movie of chick flicks. You’re exited by it. But when you really analyze it, it looks a little dumb.

Go ahead and watch it (Actually, most people already have) Don’t take it as seriously as the fangirls are taking it and you may enjoy yourself. Also, it’s a GREAT movie for a date. Seriously, what else are you doing right now that’s so important?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fruits Basket 21 review

Well, I’ve been really busy studying and playing NeverWinter Nights, so I haven’t been able to update this blogue. Fear not, for Winter Break is coming up, and I should not only have more Manga and Anime reviews, and I may even find the time and inspiration to write some Dungeons and Dragons stuff… YAY!


Well, actually you should have read those if you we’re planning on buying this one. Not that I’d be able to stop you from buying it. Anyhow, Fruits basket is getting closer to it’s climax, as made obvious by such signs as the curse weakening, and Akito going bat-**** crazy about it. Its getting good, although I would like a good reason for the curse weakening

This one’s been pretty exiting, but really, it’s been picking up speed ever since Haru attacked Akito. Shigure’s proving himself to be evil to the core, Akito has been getting actual DEVELOPMENT, rather than being a malevolent force, Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru all grew spines, and Haru wants pizza. Rin has sadly been contributing NOTHING to the plot, which is a shame, because I liked her character. She seemed kind of relevant, but she’s in the background doing nothing. I guess that happens when you have a cast that’s only second in size to Negima. Well, that is if you spend as much time developing them as Fruits Basket does.

In this volume in particular, we get more development for Tohru and Akito. Also, we get a bit of backstory between Kyoko and Kyo, and Yuki has a discussion with Kyo about their relationship. No Yaoi though, obviously.

Well, I like Fruits Basket, and this is definitely not a good starting point, and really if you’ve come this far in a series, might as go all the way, right? I’ll have more to write about for the climax when it comes out, and if it keeps going like this, it should be quite good.

Overview: Good, but everybody who has come this far will read it no matter what, so who cares what I say?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

XXXHolic Volume 1

Wow, I’m broke. Well, not really broke, cuz I can still pay the bills, and buying people Christmas presents shouldn’t be much of a problem. Actually, I just don’t have enough spare money to go blow on a ton of Manga. However, since I AM the guy who wrote “Dude, you’re paying too much for anime”, I really shouldn’t make a fuss about this. No, instead I used my massive resourcefulness to conjure up manga from nowhere. Nowhere, in this case meaning a library I normally don’t borrow from, and some stuff I have lying around I haven’t got to watching.

Bringing us to the title of this post, XXXHolic. I picked this up from ye local library, and am currently at the mercy of whoever is borrowing it if I want more. They only had the first volume, and if they actually carry the second, it is probably in the hands of some creepy CLAMP fangirl/boy. *shudders*

Which may force me to go borrow the next few volumes, because this looks like it could go somewhere. Maybe. As a first volume, not much happens, we start with a plot, introduce some characters, yada yada yada. Our lead appears to be spineless boy #3012, who has a crush on cute girl #7123. Spineless boy has the unique feature of being able to see spirits, who bother him greatly. He really wants to get rid of them , leading him to Yuko, the hawt hermit/witch. She claims to be capable of removing his little curse, but it will cost him… HIS SOUL! MWAHAHAHAHA!

After selling his soul to our hawt creepy witch, he gets to endure the strenuous torture of working for her as an assistant. Now he is forced to help her in her shop where she grants people favors in exchange for things that they find valuable. This could lead somewhere interesting, as we have one interesting cast member, and the potential for a great deal of interesting stuff to happen. Alas, my library only had volume 1, so I can’t tell you any farther. Tune in tomorrow for my views on Fruits Basket 21!

Opinion: Might go somewhere, might not.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

What have I been doing

Well, been busy for a bit, so I’ll post a bit for while I hope more people show up to read this. Y’know, to show you all that I’m still alive. May even post some more stuff in my Dungoens and Dragons blog, or in my Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting. Real stats will have to wait until I have my manuals in front of me, but I can do a little now. I've also been reading Lord of The Rings alot, because I wouldn't be a proper dork if I didn't. I'm up to about the middle of "the Two Towers."

More to the point: Been loving Chibi Vampire, but I ran out of money, and I’m too lazy to search for a torrent (I really should, this is pretty good stuff)

SPOILERS up to volume 8

Volume 8 has been kind of eh, because it’s obviously setting up for the next arc. However, the conclusion to the previous arc was more than enough to keep me interested. Hehehe, nothing like a long drawn out bite scene. Loved every panel, watching Karin sink her fangs into Usui. And he told her “bite me” *giggles* which was great. Also, the other stuff was pretty good. The rest of ths book was about wrapping up the arc with Usui’s family, which had a twisty conclusion, which was pretty cool. I liked the way it wrapped up, and now the main character has voices in his head… Nothing to drive a plot forward like voices in your head. I really hope this series keeps up the pace, as at this rate it may earn a rank among my favorites.

Next post should be an overview of MY favorite manga (Ones that I've completed, at least. Only manga that I've finished qualify for this category.)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vegeta, what does the Scouter say about how many episodes it has?

Sorry, still don’t have the money to get new stuff to review. I may dig into my archives, but I don’t have any really recent stuff. I’m currently pretty addicted to Chibi Vampire, but they took that off of OneManga… >_> meanies at Tokyopop.

So, instead of writing about the fine details of what I’m reading (don’t feel like that yet, I want that to be GOOD) I’m going to rant about something that bothers me about anime. Going way too far. Some series just don’t know when to quit, and by the time they DO quit, their core fan base has already lost interest. It drives me mad how so many anime do this. Although it may seem like a smart business move to keep going as long as it makes money, it ruins a show’s memorability if it stays beyond its welcome. For example, Pokemon. That’s been going on for as long as the energizer bunny. And it keeps going and going and going and going…..

Seriously, I prefer to think of a series as “dude, that was awesome, I want more” than “meh, it was going downhill since the third season.” Case in point: I always talk about how freaking awesome the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya is, and that was only fourteen episodes… of AWESOME! If a series leaves a lasting impression on you, you don’t need to make it last forever. Also, if you need more episodes, don’t put in 100+ filler… just go on hiatus for crying out loud! Build some hype!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Be a Man, Read Shoujo

Let’s get down to business…you’re a sad pathetic lot, and you haven’t’ got a clue…

-Li Shang, Mulan.

In today’s society, men hang on to being a man just for the sake of it. This is however, quite pointless, as in this day and age, the traits we associate with “manliness” are quite worthless. So why do we hang onto them? I believe the reason is that most men are under the impression that their reproductive organs will shrink off and disappear if they perform an act they consider “unmanly” Pitiful, really.

However, I think it takes a high degree of manliness to read Shoujo comics. True, the term pretty much translates to “girl’s comics,” however, that should not stop anybody. A true man cannot be brought down, and would be invulnerable to the damage it would cause lesser men. Many will run in an attempt to preserve their manliness, however, I find it much more effective to plow right through them, and assimilate all of the wonderful, uber-cute goodness. Why, the only reason I’m writing this is because I ran out of shoujo to read. Trust me, you’ll still be a man afterwards. Actually, you’ll have proven yourself to be more of a man. Really, what better way to prove your manliness than to retain it through a great amount of girliness?

But wait, before you go delve into the uber-cute world of shoujo, please understand that there is more to it than proving youre manliness. Indeed, it is more important that you ENJOY this. Ah yes, the important part, and the main reason we read manga. So how do you enjoy this? Well, you start slowly…. You can’t just dive into the most cutesy shoujo first! You have to build up your defenses, acquire taste. A great place to start would be Vampire Knight, a story about a school… that is hiding a den of Vampires. Because, as we all know, everything is better with vampires, and shoujo is no exception. Then you can work you’re way in, and try some less masculine stuff. Eventually, you’ll be reading through Fruits Basket and everything Shoujo Beat puts out like it’s nothing. And you’ll still be a man. I do this, and I’m still capable of weight lifting and other manly activities. Also, I still enjoy manly stuff like GTO and Claymore. You’ll have an entire new terrain to explore, and you may even enjoy it!

In conclusion, if you want to prove that you’re a real man, go pick up some Shoujo.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dude, you're paying too much for anime

I’m sure we’ve all noticed how overpriced anime seems. But what can you do about it? PLENTY! You see, the prices are only like this because this model of sales is working. And that’s the beauty of democracy. If the people do not like something, they can change it. However, all of the people have to band together to change it.

People wonder where I got my freaking MASSIVE anime/manga collection. This is there for two reasons. One, because I used to be a retailer, and got massive discounts. The other is because I am resourceful. Even before I was a retailer, I KNEW where to get the best prices. And that’s what I am going to share today. How YOU can get the right prices for your anime/manga.

Stall Tactics: One of my personal favorites. To do this, I go to RightStuf and look at their sales. And I only buy stuff that is on sale. Thanks to my membership, I get an additional 10% off, plus their 30-40% off sale price. One week, Tokyopop’s stuff is on sale. So I ONLY buy Tokyopop’s stuff. I got like, 8 books for 55$ That’d cost you about 88$ at Borders normally, thanks to tax. With that 33$, you could buy MORE MANGA! You can even do this at Borders if you’d like. Just buy tons of Manga when their stuff is discounted. Often Borders does buy 4 get one free sales. So, instead of going berserk every week, try saving your money, and going berserk once per month or so. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff you’ll get. This leads me to my next tactic, often used in conjunction with this one.

MASSIVE COMBOS: Y’know when you play an RPG, how effective it is when you stack status effects on your opponents? Like in Pokemon, if you use Toxic and then Confuse Ray? This concept also applies to real life. For example, when I’m shopping at Rightstuff, I’ll only buy things that are discounted, and then use my membership to get an extra 10% off. However, I also get free shipping when I buy 50$ or more…. So I always do that! It’s awesome, and you should be doing it too. Another example is, when Borders holds a buy 4 get 1 free sale, that’s when I go in with my stack of coupons. I once got two volumes of Death note for six dollars! What does this tell us? Don’t just use one discount source; pull as many as you can together.

You don’t need a PhD in Economics to pull this off. Heck, you can do this with money you made mowing the lawn, if that’s your thing. However, if all you do is go berserk on the manga section, you’ll never get all the manga you want. Stay back, and plan a massive combo, and watch as you get all the manga you want. I do it, you should do it, and if we al did it, we could increase demand for anime/manga, and force the prices down a bit. Hey, I don’t want “too expensive” to be a valid excuse for ANYBODY!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chibi Vampire first glance

(Note, I've only read about volume 1-3 at the current time)

Well, I got started on Chibi Vampire. I was a bit exited about this manga ever since I read the first volume in the bookstore.

Anyhow, This is the chronicle of a moe-packed high schooler, who is a vampire. Well, actually, she’s not much of a vampire. Instead of sucking blood, she creates mass quantities of blood, and it squirts out of her nose at high velocities unless she bites somebody and injects it into them. So she's more of a bizarro-vampire. Her parents are very concerned about this abnormality. I may have more of an opinion as I dlve further into this, but I’ve only read a couple of volumes so far.

If you want a cutesy shoujo series with vampires in it, this will be your thing. If you firmly believe that vampires are serious business, go elsewhere.

This reviewer gives his seal of approval.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Overview of the manga I'm reading

Let’s see, I’ve been reading a few manga, and just ordered more. Here’s an overview of what I think:

Vampire Knight:
Reminding us how sexy bloodsucking is. This is a drama by Matsuri Hino, about a school that is hiding a group of vampires, and helping your best friend hide the fact that he is slowly turning into a raging monster. A look into the psychological phenomena of vampirism and how it affects the victims thought process. A bit dark, but the writing is fantastic. Definitely a page turner, with a great cast. Pick it up and start reading it if you like vampires, drama, or shoujo.

Great Teacher Onizuka:
This book is about the best teacher ever. Never before has teaching been portrayed in such a positive light, nor has the job involved so much violence. This is likely due to the fact that most teachers are not ex-biker gang leaders, who are not capable of taking several bullets, rescuing the head of administrations daughter, and still being able to finish a test. Along with various gang activities, our hero gets to put up with unbearable students (and fellow teachers) who will stop at no means to get him fired. I’m enjoying this one, as it’s goofy, exiting, and inspiring at the same time. Although some of the humor is a bit digusting, it’s still a great action series.

Magical Sensei Negima: Onizuka really had to put up a fight for title of “most epic teacher ever” Here we have Ken Akamatsu’s latest work, in case you haven’t had enough fanservice yet. But… when he gets serious, he is a top notch writer. Apparently he fits in better as an action writer than a romance writer, based on his performance here. This book manages to fit in EVERYTHING except pirates and zombies, and still make sense. C’mon, this series features a vampire teamed up with a robot. Anyway, this series is about a ten year old wizard prodigy who was sent to Japan to complete his final test: Being an English teacher at an all-girls middle school. Yeah, that took a while to sink in. It’s over the top, it’s funny, it has way too many pantyshots, and is a great showing of what Ken Akamatsu could do. NOTE: Please don’t worry about the first two volumes. I know the author manages to make this kinkier than Love Hina (MADNESS) however, at the third volume, it actually kicks into gear. Around volumes 4-7, it kicks into gear.

Chibi Vampire/Midori Days: I read the first volumes, but the stores will not get them in.

More later… School Rumble, Claymore, Fruits Basket +Anima. Also, I put some reviews on my Myspace a while ago if you’re looking for suggestions.

I’ll be moving that blog here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Here I am, a bored college student/roleplayer looking for attention. And what better way to get attention than by starting a blog? Yeah, I do plan to put ads up here to make extra money, but ads aren’t nearly as annoying as people say they are. Besides, people have come up with scripts to prevent ads, so quit whining!

Anyhow, welcome to my blog. I’m a Dungeons and Dragons gook. I love comic books, and I enjoy anime. I plan to review comic books, and post some of my Dungeons and dragons work here. So, if you’re looking for some campaign ideas, or a place to discuss your own, go right ahead. Just give credit where credit is due.

Also, I highly encourage arguing over here. Seriously, it keeps all of us sharp. Just come with a solid argument, or constructive criticism, not just “ur gay”