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BryAnime Presents: Top 10 most attractive anime females

Oh yeah, I went there. What’re you gonna do about it? Nothing, that’s what! Today I’m discussing which anime females I find the most attractive, what series they are from, and why I find them so hot. But who wants to read this part, when I can just get to the pics NAO (click pictures to enlarge)

 10.) Eri Sawachika: Noticeable in School Rumble for being the token blonde, and being from England. For some strange reason, despite Tenma being introduced first, Eri has manged to snag more of the spotlight and character development. Then again, School Rumble is strange.

9.) Kaname Chidori: Main female character in Full Metal Panic, and debateably the most attractive. I had a major crush on this one back in high school. I suppose her most attractive feature is her nice long blue hair, since I love weird hair colors, and I like long hair. Possibly my first encounter with a tsundere, but that’s such a long archive to search.

8.) Nodoka Miyazaki: Second member of my OTP from Negima. I haven’t been reading the series for a while, but it looks like Nodoka has an optimistically ambiguous chance of ending up with Negi. This amuses me, because I am usually disappointed with the cannon couple in a series. But then again, do I despise the canon couple because their canon, or because I don’t like them…. Hm.

As you’ll infer from this list, I find shy bookworms to be quite attractive. This is not to say they are necessarily my type, for in reality I kinda prefer Genji girls. Alas, in fiction I find the shy bookworm to be much nicer.

7.) Aoyama Motoko: Favorite girl from Love Hina, despite not being the most attractive. While I am not about to admit to her warrior merit, for it is all hearsay (name one person she’s beaten up in the series. ONE!) she does manage to pull off the warrior chick thing without being obnoxiously girl-power. 

6.)Saber: Hailing from Fate/Stay Night, we have this armored beauty. Because we all know women wearing platemail are hot, right? Anyhoo, while I have not seen much of Fate/Stay night, I’ve seen a lot of pictures of Saber beforehand, causing me to find her quite alluring.

5.)Mizuho Kazami: This lady is from an anime known as “Please Teacher” which came out a few years ago. She’s clearly every Haruhiist’s dream, being an alien in a hot affair with one of her students. Furthermore, she has pink hair and glasses, so she basically packages all of my fetishes into one person. Lovely, I know. Also I really wanted to eat some pocky after watching that series.

4.)Yoko: Gurren Lagan. That outfit she’s wearing? She wears that ALL THE TIME…. So yeah…..

Oh yeah, actual description. Well, everything in Gurren Lagan is 150%, including the fanservice. Hence, we have Yoko, who is incredibly bouncy/fanservicy. It’s not quite as obnoxious as in shows that focus on fanservice, just because everything is so over the top in Gurren Lagan. Alas, Yoko is SO in your face about it you can’t feel bad about looking at her.

3.) Mikuru Asahina:  I’m sure everybody remembers the well-endowed redhead from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Put bluntly, she fulfills her obvious purpose in the show, MOE! During the course of the show, she ends up being forced to wear a ridiculous variety of outfits, from a battle waitress, a maid outfit, and of course, the bunny girl outfit. The show doesn’t try to hide the purpose of her role, and she fulfills it quite well. 

2.) Naru Narusegawa: Ah yes, my days as a Love Hina fanboy. I remember I really liked Naru for her pair of big, round….. glasses. Ohhhh yeah, nothing quite sparked my glasses fetish like Naru form Love Hina. It should also be noted that her hair antennae is quite prominent, and adds quite a bit of moe to her character.

1.) Yuki Nagato: As your local priest of Haruhi, you’d expect me to be loyal to nobody, but Haruhi, right? WRONG! My sect of Haruhiism actually likes Yuki a lot more than Haruhi, just because Haruhi is annoying. It should also be noted that she has the largest folder out of all these girls on my computer. Now then, the thing I like so much about Yuki is her general amount of Apathy. This is a girl who manages to maintain enough focus on reading to do it while jet skiing. She’s used her epic hacking skills that could be used to sink the entire world economy to win at a video game. And she went through the entire movie made during the first episode with a straight face.

    Alas, I wouldn’t be a real fan of Nagato if I didn’t acknowledge that she actually DOES have a set of functioning emotions that she doesn’t really show. I’d mention heavy spoilers for the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, but that movie is kinda only available in about three theaters. So I guess I’ll have to just mention that we can obviously tell that she has an emotional spectrum in “Day of the Sagittarius “ from season 1.

Opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. Opinions are based on my opinion at the time, a basic flip through of my anime collections, and impulse.

Feel free to argue with me, but your argument sucks without pictures. Arguing with pictures is highly encouraged, because these types of arguments are always fun… with pictures.

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