Thursday, June 3, 2010

Anime in Focus: School Days Episode 5

<-Although this episode contained many detailed swimsuit scenes, I was not really that interested in them. Honest, I just wanted to get on with the incredibly juicy plot.

Well, this show is actually quite addicting. I really felt compelled to finish it before I went on to watch another anime on my own.

Well, after Itou nearly bumps uglies with Saionji in the previous episode, we now have the pool episode. I notice a LOT of detail in certain… areas… yeah

Well, after Itou does some flirting with Katsura, Saionji calls him a pervert while sulking in a corner. Their affection for each other is obviously bothering her a lot. But what really scares her is when Itou suggests that the “practice” a bit more, like the total sleazebag that he is. Gah, this guy bugs me. What’s his secret? I want it.

Oh yeah, the pool stuff ranges from eh, to pretty interesting. Jokes about boobies, standard pool episode stuff. Saionji needs to pull Itou aside and tells him about how they were only “practicing” and that they’re only friends, and he should be focusing on Katsura. Solid advice really, because I don’t know a girl who would like to hear what their boyfriends been doing behind their back with her best friend…

Honestly, to get to the good parts, just skip to part B, the first part is kinda boring. Second part is great, since the plot actually advances.

Well, the important part of this episode is in the last 5 minutes or so, after Itou says his goodbyes to Katsura. Then…. THIS **** GETS REAL AGAIN

Man this show loves to have awesome episode endings. I should be getting some sleep for tomorrow, but one more episode can’t hurt…..