Friday, December 19, 2008

Ryan and Sean’s not so Excellent adventure Review

Oh. Em. Gee. go see this movie!

Ah, one of my favorite Youtube celeberties made a big time movie. If you aren’t familiar with them, go watch their channel now, and if make sure you watch How to be Ninja.

Ryan and Sean is about the character in the title’s adventures. It’s like a two hour long version of their youtube channel, except with an ongoing plot that sort of ties it together. More importantly, they parody popular ideas, and act like ninjas. They manage to make a gay joke that’s actually funny. Half the female cast is actually men in drag. They break into song repeatedly, and dance provocatively. All in a classic Nigahija fashion.

Is it worth your time? Definitely, assuming you like their youtube channel. It’s full of quick cuts and WTF moments. The cast is excellent, although it contains a lot of jokes about Asians and midgets. Most of the gags revolve around visual humor and the characters acting really dumb. I loved the insane fan guy with his shrine where he worships Ryan and Sean. The special effects are terrible, in a home video fashion. Sometimes they are so freaking bad it’s good. It’s definitely hilarious if you’re into internet humor. That is a bit of a problem though. For those of you who don’t get internet humor, this movie will appear flat-out dumb. It’s nothing if not niche. If you like these guys’s Youtube channel go see it. I was exited as soon as I heard a remix of The Ninja Glare.