Thursday, April 30, 2009

Being prepared for swine flu

Left: Jeremy, 20 has reached the second stage of the disease

Swine Flu is an epidemic sweeping around the world, causing mass chaos. What should you know? What should you be doing about it? Here at BryAnime, we like to have a great time and joke around, but I like for people to take something back from this blog. Hence, we will be telling you everything you need to know about this epidemic that is spreading throughout the nation.


There are a great deal of symptoms to swine flu, some that can be detected early, some are not apparent. Early symptoms include increased hunger, lethargic ness, and increased aggression. Over the course of the disease, the victim may become more susceptible to scars, and less receptive too pain. At this point, it EXTREMELY important to seek medical help. After this point, victims awareness to their surroundings decreases, and eventually they will stop responding. At this point, all that a hospital will be able to do is put them down peacefully. After this stage, they will enter the final stage of swine flu, in which the victims hunger increases to the point where cannibalism becomes a viable option. Victims will then lurch towards a target, and attempt to consume anything that looks remotely edible. Call professional help immediately, or remove the victims head. Do not worry, for the victim is no longer aware of their pain at this point.


Get lots of vitamin C. Also, avoid contact with places you believe to be carriers of the disease. Wash your hands frequently, and if you suspect that you or somebody that you know has the disease, MAKE SURE THAT PERSON GETS TO A HOSPITAL!

Although airborne pathogens exist, they are not nearly as potent as the bloodborne pathogens. If the pathogens come into contact with your blood, you WILL become infected. WARNING: People who have reached the final stage of swine flu will try to bit you. If you are bitten, receive medical help immediately. Being bitten by a swine flu victim will cause you to become infected. SEEK MEDICAL HALP IMMEDIATELY!

Right: Robert, Age 45 Reached the final stage of the disease. He died demanding brains

In a worst case scenario, you may not be able to access food or water for a long time. Have fresh water and non-perishables ready in case of an emergency. More importantly, have a secure location and a shotgun ready if the disease spreads too rampantly. IF the disease spreads too far, it is advisable for people who do NOT have the disease to find a secure location and barricade themselves away from those who have reached the final stage of the disease. Malls are a popular place for people to barricade themselves, although grocery stores are a much smarter choice, due to a readily available food supply. People who have reached the final stage of swine flu will attempt to break into a barricaded location, in an attempt to eat those who do not have the disease. DO NOT hesitate to shoot these people, for, as earlier stated, they cannot feel pain.

Just follow these helpful tips, and YOU will be safe in case of a swine flu outbreak.


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