Friday, May 7, 2010

Anime in Focus: Fate Stay Night Episode 4

 <-Today's enemy is the great Demon... Hercules!

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Alright, onto the last episode of Fate/Stay Night that was shown at an anime club meeting, meaning the rest I’m gonna have to go watch on my own. This is not an issue, since the series has been quite fun, despite being a bit slow moving.

Anyhoo, this episode starts with Shiro, Rin, and Saber running into a scary little gril named Illya. Illya is accompanied by her servant, a big macho guy of about 8 feet tall. This guy is apparently the great demon…. Hercules? Wait…. WHAT!?!

Anyway, Hercules is going by the name Berserker these days, and seems to have retained his love for hitting things with a club. Unfortunately, Saber is still using an invisible sword as a weapon, which isn’t very effective when compared to Berserker’s bigass club. While showing off some nice athletics, Saber gets her ass handed to her in after taking about one hit. While Berserker is about to perform the fatality on Saber, steps in and attempts to soak the blow for her. Unfortunately, Shiro has much less endurance than Saber, and gets thrown around like a ragdoll.

This fight disappointing ends with Illya and Berserker getting bored and walking off. This was really a disappointing out, since it would make more sense for Illya commanding Berserker to off Saber and possibly Shiro, just to get them out of the holy grail war. Alas, Shiro and Saber’s plot armor managed to save the day. Unfortunately, Shiro wakes up in a body cast, since he kinda took a hit from Greece’s biggest badass.

Shiro wakes up to get a lecture from Rin about being a moron and protecting Saber. Apparantly, it would be possible to bring her back from the dead, it would not be as easy to bring him back, since servants are apparently immortal. Since if a master dies, the servant dies anyway, it’s obviously not advantageous for Shiro to die protecting Saber.

More interestingly, we learn that servants can eat people’s souls to gain more power. Saber says she’s sworn not to do it, but you just KNOW this will come up later.

Interesting episode, but an awful lot of talking. I hope this just leads to more violence in later episodes.

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