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BryAnime presents: Top 10 most attractive video game females

 Previous Top 10: Top 10 most attractive anime females

Well, my idea of raving about which girls from which anime where the most attractive actually netted me quite a few page views, hence leading me to do another article on the most attractive women in video games. Like the last one, lets shut up and get to the PICS NAO (click to Enlarge)

10.) Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3) The party dominatrix in Persona 3, famous for having her final summon use a whip. It should be noted that she rides a motorcycle and wears those delicious long boots.

9.) Samus Aran (Metroid) Although she has been taking her armor off a lot lately (remember back in the day when it meant something when Samus took her armor off?) Samus still manages to be one of the most alluring women in video games. I’d say it’s mostly because of the mysteriouness she maintains by wearing the mask most of the time. As you can tell, I care very little for Zero Suit samus being a playable character in Super Smash Bros. (Artwork made by AndrewDickman)

8.) Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4) Talking to me you may not realize this, but there are other girls in Persona 4 besides Chie. This is where Rise comes in, as the party’s mission control person. Her general job is to boost party morale and hit on the main character. Also, the dual pigtails are hot.

7.) Kasumi (Dead or Alive) Dead or alive is notorious for having a wide variety of femme fatales that will satisfy your every fetish. Hence leading us to Kasumi, who along with Ayane enforces the rule that all female ninjas are to be incredibly attractive. While Ayane maintains her title as hottest girl in the Dead or Alive series, Kasumi maintains the title as the prettiest.

6.) Paine (Final Fantasy X-2) Where would this list be without Final Fantasy? Here we have FFX2’s resident goth chick, who comes in sporting the least revealing outfit out of the main characters. This is good, because most of that party dresses in an obnoxiously revealing fashion, to the point where you just facepalm. While some would suggest that Lulu from FFX go here, I find that her “assets” are so big as to be a turn off. Mainly because they make me go “wait, what?” when she bends over.

5.) Princess Zelda (take a guess) Well, she’s attractive, elven (Hyrulian, whatever), and enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and getting kidnapped by Gannondorf. The closest thing she’s shown to being able to do anything about Ganondorf was not in the Legend of Zelda series, but in Super Smash bros. when I find her much easier to fight as.See that sword? The only time it appears in a game is when she throws it down to surrender!

4.)Chie Satonaka (Persona 4) OMG Chie~ chan ^_^ Anyhoo, what’s so great about Chie anyway? The first and foremost staple to my argument is that her personality manages to be interesting, while not weird enough to alienate a person. This is a major contrast to a person like say, Haruhi Suzumiya, who is interesting, but I’m quite certain she would break several of your limbs if she was bored enough. Furthermore, she isn’t exactly boring, and occasionally throws out something the rest of the characters can use for comic relief. Now then, if she actually learned some good attacks between levels 40-67…

Oh yeah, she’d be higher on the list, but she lacks a lot of things that make her more physically attractive. Instead of having an identifiable moe factor, she just made me think green jackets are hot. *sigh*

3.)Ayane (Dead of Alive) I believe it violates some rule somewhere if a female ninja is NOT incredibly hot. Ayane here does not do anything to violate that rule in any way whatsoever, and I declare her the sexiest girl in the Dead or Alive Series.

Based on these lists and the winner of the last list (Yuki Nagato) It can generally be agreed that I find purple hair hot.

2.) Kos-Mos (Xenosaga) Kosy Wosy goes through quite a few appearances throughout the Xenosaga series, but my clear favorite out of all of them is the version 4 look. I believe it is my favorite due to the headgear, which compliments Kos-Mos’s appeal very nicely. Also, long blue hair man. That makes everything better.

1.) Lenneth Valkyrie (Valkyrie Profile) IT SHALL BE ENGRAVED UPON YOUR SOUL!
Ah, the party leader/Paladin in the first Valkyrie profile game. You know, if fighting alongside her in order to prevent Ragnorok is what awaits at life’s end, I really don’t have to fear death. Her most attractive features include her ridiculously long silver hair, and wearing platemail, which I always find attractive for some reason. Lets not forget about the headgear. The feather design is nice, and I find it strangely attractive.

Once again, Opinions here represent nobodies outside of this webiste, and if you intend to argue with me, don't do it without pics. Otherwise, your arguement is stupid

The Wallflower: Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge (manga) volume 1

 <- Hey guys, it's time to play trap or no trap! Whoever correctly guesses whether this is a guy or girl in the comments section gets a FREE e-high five

I managed to get this one in while I was helping run the manga library at this year’s anime expo. This one is the story about four guys who have been given the task of helping their landlady’s daughter become a socially acceptable person,  in exchange for free rent in an awesome house. Sounds awesome, right? Well, it seems like a great idea until they actually meet the landlord’s daughter, Sunako, the girl they are supposed to help transform. Upon meeting her, they realize that she looks fresh out of a horror movie, and is not amused by their shenanigans. In the first book, we get to know some of the characters, particularly Sunako and Kyouhei, while learning just how daunting of a task this will be.

Right off the bat, the first thing I liked about this book was when we first got a look at the “ugly” girls face. Even I was reeling back and saying “augh.” This is the first time I’ve seen a character who everybody says is unattractive, and the book actually demonstrating it. Most books give the character horrible features like wearing dorky (read: MOE!) glasses. If you think that picture to the right is tolerable to the eyes, wait till you see her face >_< Yes, kiddies, this is not some 10 minute makeover these guys have to perform, they are actually performing a Herculean task for their free rent. Also, if you were thinking “Well, maybe she has a nice personality” well, YOU’RE WRONG THERE TOO! She’s rude, abrasive, and hates talking to people.  These guys are going on a journey to turn a jerk who does nothing but lock herself in her dark room and watch slasher movies while talking to model corpses into something socially acceptable.

Initially, I wasn’t exactly sure what to think of this book. I was honestly looking for something to fuel a rant about Japanese ideologies, but was presently surprised. Upon seeing these four guys embark on their quest to make this girl socially acceptable, it actually felt like they were contributing to society. Although I do question why anybody would have their niece board with 4 guys she hardly knows,, the premise winds up being kind of… cute, in it’s own way. I also think this book is quite solid for a first volume, for while we are shown an introduction to the characters, they manage to do things that are interesting, rather than feeling like an introduction.

I’ll probably be checking out later volumes of the series if I can find them at my library or if I wind up manning another manga lounge.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I really hate that stupid Red M&M

<- See that smug face? Don't you just wanna smack him upside his candy coated head?

While I was performing my usual tasks at a grocery store and looking at a promotion, one day I came to a realization: I really hate that damn red M&M. It all started when I saw this candy book shown at the right, featuring the little bastard with the title “How Red Saved Christmas.”

I believe this offends me because this little promotion shows off how much of a wanna-be know-it-all the Red M&M is, and his expression shows that he wants you to think he’s cool. Well, NOBODY THINKS YOUR COOL, you stupid candy coated pile of chocolate with legs! I don’t see what gives this asswipe the right to think he’s all that and a bag of chips, and he parades around in such a manner nonetheless! GAH, he pisses me off so much.

Of course, it doesn’t help that in the commercials he thinks he’s better than everyone. You see him push around the mentally challenged yellow M&M all the time, and he just goes along with it! What are we teaching kids these days? That you should take advantage of any peanut-headed piece of candy you can find? I just wanna see one commercial where one of the other M&M’s tells red to leave yellow the **** alone!

Looking into his profile on the M&M’s website, we can tell that this guy is in fact, a total tool. His biggest turn on is “When people blindly follow his advice.” UGH. I think the guy at “weights down” said it best

“I hate all M&M commercials.  The red one talks like the kind of cynical [expletive] you'd find working a crappy booth at a movie convention that thinks he's hot [expletive] because the other nerds look up to him even though in reality you wouldn't waste your time smacking his lunch tray out of his hands if you saw him in a high school cafeteria, “

I mean really, who does this guy think he is? Just because he’s the spokesman for some candy company doesn’t mean anybody has to think he’s cool. I personally refuse to buy any package of M&M’s if it has the red guy on package predominantly, assuming it can be avoided. Of course it helps that Peanut butter M&M’s beat the stuffing out of milk chocolate M&M’s anyway! You hear that Red? YOUR CANDY ISN’T THAT GOOD!

Anyway, I really felt the need to vent on this. It’s not good for a person to keep blinding hatred like the hate I possess for the Red M&M bottled up, right?

Most importantly, for the M&M election thing that I keep finding on my Dr. Pepper cups, I strongly urge you to vote for anybody but Red. We can’t let people like this into office. See, he's even ignoring you right now while text messaging! Isn't that irritating?

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Artist Profile: Dan Goodsell (Mr. Toast)

 Previous Artist: Andrew Dickman

Today's artist is Dan Goodsell, creator of Mr. Toast

While I was Anime Expo I saw a booth for the most obvious artist that I never posted about: Dan Goodsell, creator of the Mr. Toast. This is silly, because I’ve had his plushies on my shelf and a mountain of his comics saved onto my hard drive.

I originally discovered this artist back in 2008 before I actually took the blog seriously, so I guess it makes sense how it never occurred to me to write about him. I’ll start with the website logo
This features an image of Mr. Toast, the walking, talking slice of toast, and his friend Joe the egg, an equally walking, talking egg. These two go on cute yet interesting adventures with such friends as Shaky Bacon, who always appears to be suffering withdrawal symptoms, and Lemonhead, a moronic Lemon.

We also get schenanigans with Mope the Onion, who always seems to get the short end of the stick.

It should be noted that Dan Goodsell does a lot of visual puns on his website, such as this one of a “Rolling Stone

Dan has a large variety of comics on his site, most of which are adorable and give out a giggle. It should be noted that most of his stuff is entirely G-rated, making his stuff entirely safe for work while somehow appealing. Kind of like Domo.

It should also be noted that Dan sells plushies of a good portion of his characters. I myself purchased a Mr. Toast plushie at Anime Expo 2009, and have it on display in my room. While his comics do seem to lack bite, they are pretty safe, and have a certain appeal to them. I’ve found that it’s definitely worth the time to check out.

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Next Artist: Probably some person from Expo, or a Person I found in Mr. Toast’s myspace friends. He has a lot of good ones.

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Vampire Knight (manga) volume 8 review

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve read Vampire Knight. Fortunately at this years anime expo, I got to run the manga library during the slower hours and got to do some catching up on the series since I last left off on volume 7. This volume is the book where the **** hits the fan, and everything gets revealed.

People who get grossed out very easily should probably not read the book. This one STARTS by Kaname revealing the big secret from Yuki’s past. First, we find out that Yuki is actually a pure blooded vampire who’s memories have been sealed away. The second secret being that he is in fact her brother, AND her fiancé. He snidely comments afterwards that while this is something that beasts do, vampires are in fact, not human. This, while a bit disgusting amuses me, because it draws a line demonstrating that vampires actual do have a society with vastly different and far more narcissistic standards than that of human society.

Oh yeah, that’s just chapter one. During all this, some Vampire hunters have noticed Zero’s recent boon in his ability to maintain his sanity, and a new villain has been taking to the field. One of the members of the Night class is currently being possessed by one of Kaname’s enemies that he killed who wants to take Kaname’s title as leader of the Kuran house.

This volume manages to get together everything I love about Vampire Knight. The plot twists, the drama, and vampires that actually act vampiric a lot of the time. It came out before Twilight, and doesn’t act like Twilight at all. Characters backstab each other, manipulate each other, and play politics like the conniving bastards they are. The people who don’t care about this (Aido, Zero) have been brushed by the wayside in this volume, as the political power players take center stage. I certainly hope in the next volume the book maintains it’s absolute deliciousness, because this world needs more vampires with teeth.

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Coming Sometime! Other volumes

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My Experience Volunteering at Anime Expo 2010

 <- This year I donned the yellow vest and helped run Anime expo. While cosplaying while volunteering was totally acceptable, I found wearing my Yasogami High Uniform quite distracting.

While I did spend a lot of time doing standard issue convention shenanigans at this year’s Anime Expo, I also spent some time volunteering in order to get a free pass. This is because I sort of had a financial crash, and not going to expo was simply not an option in my book. While I initially applied for a staff position, upon realizing that I was not going to get the position, I immediately applied to volunteer, in order to have a something to convince them to put me on staff in the future.

While I was contemplating this, I realized it would give me much more expertise on the ways of the anime convention, and make me get one step closer to my goal of becoming an Anime Expo sage. Furthermore, it would allow me to have a much deeper knowledge of the inner workings of the convention. Hence, on day 0 I set out on my journey to work at the convention.

I worked at quite a few postions, including registration, the manga lounge, bag stuffing, and guarding a choke point. I rate these postions as follows:

Manga lounge > Bag stuffing > Registration > Standing in line at a con > Choke points

Choke Points: This position was possibly the most banal thing I’ve ever done. I only did it for two hours and avoided it like the plague afterwards. The job consisted of sitting at a position in the convention center and preventing anybody from getting through, to ensure that the people at a real checkpoint had an easier time checking everybody’s badge. Unfortunately, I was guarding the top of a stairwell that leads to a shortcut to the movie theaters. People’s reactions to me not allowing them to go through ranged from moderately irritated to downright hostile. Furthermore, there was nothing to do besides sit there and prevent people from going through. This job REALLY sucked.

Registration: I spent a good 6 hours of my required 16 working with the people in registration. For two of them, I was working as backup in case somebody needed help. This is because the computers in registration had technical difficulties, and the system prevented non- staff (I.E. volunteers like me) from handling any form of money. This resulted in me only being able to tell people where stuff is, and not being able to do much. These people were not in a good mood, because they had to wait for their badge due to technical difficulties, and I was unfortunately not given the means to acquire the badge for them. I really should have gotten the phone number of the girl I was working with though, hehe

The other four hours I spent in registration were not that bad really. I was assigned to hand out goodie bags to people who got their badges on day 4. Unfortunately, only a select few suckers show up to a convention on day 4, so I didn’t do much. At least I was doing something, rather than sitting there hoping for something to do, and I got to see all the people who were attending that day.

Bag Stuffing: I wound up spending about 2 hours stuffing the registration bags I would wind up handing out on day 4. This job would seem incredibly boring, as all I was doing was picking up an item, putting it in a bag, and passing it to the next person, like an assembly line. However, I got to wave at AKB48 (yes, one of them waved back) while running it, because they wound up going past the staff-only area where we assembled bags. Also, I wound up working with a couple of attractive girls dressed as vocaloids, which was nice. It’s always better to work with people than sitting by yourself, like at the chokepoints.  However, one guy I was working with was a little…. dense. He seemed to think my telling the vocaloids I’m working with about the when and where of the official rave was connected to work at all, and that I should quit it and get to base so I can do better stuff.

Manga Lounge: This was definitely my favorite place to work during the convention. One time I worked here for two hours, and just had to ensure that the books were in their proper locations. Although it never stopped, I was never bored.

The best part was when I was checking people out of the library in the morning. Since the library wasn’t very crowded at that time, I got to spend a good portion of that time reading. I managed to get through both “Vampire Knight” volume 8 and The “Wallflower” volume 1  in between signing people out. Also, I ran into a few of my friends while working the library, which was nice.

Staffers: Time to gossip about the rest of the staff! The rest of the staff was hardworking, hardcore, and definitely overworked. I got this vibe during the volunteer orientation when the person in charge of telling us what’s going on picked up a megaphone, said hi, and nearly collapsed right there. This was very discouraging, but it also told us that the staff was willing to work to that point, making them seem slightly crazier than the rest of the people at the convention. Upon chatting with them during the course of the convention, I’ve gathered that there were major staff cuts, which made running the show a bit more difficult, but the people who remained seemed entirely capable of stepping up to the challenge. Although the workload does intimidate me a bit, some part of me wants to find out if I’m capable of joining those fools crazy enough to try to run this convention. Hats off to them BTW, I know the people at my regular job probably couldn’t pull this type of thing off for the perks they got.

Other Volunteers: The volunteers were consistently less competent than the actual staff. I believe this is due to requirements for being a volunteer include willing to put on a vest for 16 hours and helping run the convention. This allows several slackers to get on board. However, a good amount of the volunteers were very good, and willing to get the job done to ensure that this convention was good for the people who showed up. Because without them, the con would collapse from all the minor tasks that need to be done.

Mostly, volunteering at Anime expo was pretty fun, considering I got inside information on the infrastructure of the convention, got to contribute to the actual convention, and got in free. Also, since I worked mostly morning shifts, I didn’t miss any important stuff, like the AMV contest and late night raves (Hey, sometimes you just have to cut sleep out of your schedule to get the most out of your convention.) Assuming I don’t get a staff position, I will most likely be volunteering at the convention again next year! Look for me in the green vest!

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Anime in Focus: School Days episode 9

 <- Meet Otome, Itou's fling during this episode

<-Previous Episode

Have you ever gotten that feeling where, you’re watching a bunch of people fight, but you’re not really rooting for them? You know, it’s dramatic, but all you’re here is to see how badly people get hurt? That about sums this anime up. I can’t really root for the main character at this point, in much the way I can’t root for Bella in Twilight. I honestly don’t really want him to get a happily ever after. In fact, I’d take great pleasure in watching horrible things happen to him.

Oh yeah, things get a bit more heated in this episode. Although it’s not as interesting as episodes 4 and 5, I’m just so used to it in this series. Im this episode, Itou can’t keep his hands off Saionji, which leads to him getting kicked off the staff from the school festival for a while.

Meanwhile, we have the school dance. Apparently, there’s one of those teenage rumors going around about how if you go to this dance with somebody, you’ll never break up with them. For some reason about 3 or 4 girls wind up asking Itou out to this dance (What’s his appeal?) Strangely enough, Itou still can’t make up his mind on who he wants to take. Either the chick that’s madly in love with him, the one he’s having filthy sex with on a regular basis, or that girl who just confessed her feelings to him.

Well, after she confesses her feelings for him, rather than saying he’s taken, he decides to take her around the school festival like she wants. Saionji finds out about this and scolds him about it. You can smell his lack of remorse in his actions, and you can almost see the slime dripping off of Itou as he goes through the rest of the episode.

Also, some crazy stuff happens, but I’m kind of unphased at this point. But you could cut the tension between the characters with a knife. I’m exited to see it all explode eventually!

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Coming soon: School Days Episode 10

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My journey through Anime Expo 2010

 <-Here's a picture from the Persona gathering of me with some guy dressed as Izanagi. Man, that gathering was awesome

Awww yeah, it’s that time of year again. Just got back from Anime Expo, which managed to be awesome despite the change in management (I won’t blame staff, they’re kinda cool) This year managed to trump the previous year, putting it on par with the convention in 2008, where I first met the love of my life, Persona 4. On another note, this was my first year actually working at the convention as a volunteer, which will warrant another post.

This year I decided to stay at the Clarion Hotel, which is about a mile away from the convention center. The rooms are nice and VERY cheap, to the point where you assume it is too good to be true. This is all fine and dandy until you drive to the Hotel, and look at the nice view of…. much better hotels. I could see the incredibly phallic Ritz Carlton that is still being worked on, along with other gigantic super hotels. Furthermore, the walk there forced you to go through a rather…. suspect neighborhood. Would NOT walk through there at night. Now then, this conventions highlight reel…

Cosplayers: Holy crap, cosplay was nice this year. I attended the Persona, Super Smash Brothers, and Pokemon gatherings. My favorite cosplay gathering definitely goes to the Persona gathering where there where not one, not two, but FOUR girls dressed as Chie there. I could have sworn I died and went to heavean. Even better, unlike last year’s Persona gathering, the entire party from Persona 4, plus a few side characters showed up (no main villain though >_>)  Pokemon gathering was really fun, and one of my favorite cosplayers was at that gathering…. Wobbu Fett. As you can see in the picture, it’s a combination of Wobbuffet and Boba Fett. There were also a lot of people dressed up as Pokemon, using a lot of creative costumes, such as this Bellossom.

AMV Contest: This year beat the stuffing out of last year’s AMV contest. Although no AMV was better than some of the best in 2008’s contest, the average AMV was better than the average in 2008. This contest started out strong by showing a video about Hitler and his generals in their bunker, and Hitler explaining how his AMV is going to make the finals. Then the AMV staff tells him he lost the finals to a no-edit video, and he then proceeds to go on a rant, and explaining how he is going to raise hell on the forums. Unlike previous years, I felt comedy was the weakest category, rather than the strongest, mostly because the comedy videos consisted mostly of Internet memes. There were a couple of exceptions, one being “Common Accident” which featured characters from Evangelion, which I’m not linking to here. My other favorite in comedy was “An Alchemist named Sue,” featuring Full Metal Alchemist. My favorite action video was “Switchback,” which was played to clips from black cat. Strangely, drama was my favorite category this year, featuring the videos “Setsuna of Arabia” and Alchanum, which were both very solid. Strangely, although the AMTV Pro category is usually the weakest, I found most of the videos, particularly “This is Halloween” to be very exiting. It should be noted that the trailer to Space Pirate Captain Harlock, shown before the contest was simply amazing. Most of these videos can be found on Youtube, although the experience is not nearly as exiting as seeing them in the Nokia theater.

Programming:  I didn’t go to that many panels this year. I went to the Legend of Zelda panel out of curiosity, and saw some information on the new Zelda game coming soon. It is apparently going to have an incredibly precise sword system that will demand that you REALLY make an idiot out of yourself in front of the TV. Furthermore, you’re going to have to actually do a longbow like stance in order to fire the bow. Looks REALLY fun, and looks like it would make you look REALLY stupid. A more surprising panel was the Chibi Masquerade, where I saw two rather interesting things. One was a lady wearing a well-made Vivi (Final Fantasy 9) playing Suteki De Na (Final Fantasy 10) on a violin. On another note, a guy I happen to know proposed to his girlfriend during the chibi masquerade. Thankfully, she said yes. Finally, I went to the AX forum meet and greet, where I failed to answer a question correctly, and was forced to sing the Pokemon theme  in front of the crowd there. I felt heroic. I was a little miffed that I didn’t know the answer to the questions, because the questions other people were asked were from anime I love, and I could answer instantly. I’m sure some guy thought that about my question though, hehe.

Exhibition Hall: This year’s Exhibition hall wasn’t very exiting. Freebies were scarce, I didn’t see many raffles, and it seemed emptier than last year. It should be noted that the most awesome booth in the universe belonged to LITTLE ****ING KURIBOH himself, who was selling T-shirts and meeting fans of Yu Gi Oh abridged. Thankfully, I was able to get a picture with him. I wound up buying a couple T-shirts, but I spent more time in the Artists alley next door. There the convention’s finest artists vied for people’s attention in order to make a living. There were some strong performances, and I will be featuring some of the artists I saw there in later posts.

The Dance: Well, I got to go to the rave for a couple of nights. This year’s rave was at Club Nokia, which was roomier and much closer to the convention than the Westin, where last year’s raves were held. The first night I refered to as “The Bro Rave” where I went with my friends in cosplay (Me as the Persona 4 guy, my friend as some guy from Blaze Blue, and the other guy as Barry from Resident Evil) This rave was really exiting, and I got to dance with quite a few people. The second night of the rave I went with some friends out of cosplay. Although I danced a lot, the most memorable part for me was when I asked a girl dressed as a Vocaloid to dance with me, and I got stopped by some guy she was with who looked like he was going to punch my face in. I found it amusing.

Overall: This year’s convention was really fun, and gives off a bit of hope for Anime Expo’s future, despite the change in staff. My favorite parts were the AMV contest and the Persona gathering, by far. Of course, I’m saving my opinions on staff for a later post on my experience working at the convention, which will be posted later. I will definitely be going to the convention next year, and will hopefully be playing a bigger role in its success, whether it be as a volunteer, staff, or managing an artist alley booth for my local anime club.

<-Anime Expo 2009

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