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X-Men Misfits (manga) review

Please note that although this book says volume 1 on the cover, it got canned due to sales not being high enough. It actually sold a lot, but not enough to make the greedy moneygrubbers at Marvel happy.

This one I found at my local library. After about 10 pages in, I began to question whether this was a new take on the X-Men, or a really elaborate practical joke. If not for the production values, I would simply assume that Marvel had released this on April Fool’s day just for the sole sake of pissing off comic book guys everywhere.

Alas, upon checking up online, this is not so. So Del Rey went out and made a shoujo Harem using the X-Men cast, and stripped everybody of any signs of masculinity. My first reaction to some characters was just “Wow… what have they done to you man?” This double true for Magneto (shown right) who is a physics teacher who likes to go on about Human rights and hangs around with the juvenile delinquents known as the “Hellfire club”

Before I discuss plot, it should be noted my familiarity with X-Men mythos extends to having seen the first X-men movie (loved it btw.) and a couple of O.K. comics I read at the library. Anyhoo, this book is about high school student Kitty Pryde and her getting transferred to a new school because she doesn’t seem to fit in at her old one. This is because a few people seem to have noticed that she has this weird ability to phase through objects. (although her skills are unrefined) This has garnered her the attention of a recruiter for Professor Xavier’s academy for “gifted” youngsters. Anyway, being a mutant has forced Kitty Pryde to be transferred to one of those rich kid schools where everybody wears a fancy uniform. Oh yeah, and she’s the only female student in the school. This garners her the attention of a whole bunch of incredibly pretty male students, such as Pyro, Angel, and Alex. I was about to gouge my eyes out from all of the bishounen. Oh yeah, she doesn’t get any attention from the Icy-demeanored Bobby (Iceman,) but seems to get along well with all of the other students. Furthermore, the book seems to focus more on the day-today life of the high school students, such as Kitty Pryde’s relationships and fitting in, with a small thing about mutant rights during the last chapter.

Of course, the bishounen who irritated me the most was MAGNETO, the physics teacher. He generally looks too young to be the holocaust survivor he is in the comics, and just lacks that aura of badassery he seems to possess in almost any other representation.

This book does have its plus sides, aside from making me want to gouge my eyes out from all the bishounen. (Seriously, what about women like Ohno from Genshiken? She’d love it if they took the time to make Proffessor X and Magneto look like the masculine older men that they are) Due to generally throwing away all the old continuities, you never get that feeling of missing some details you get with the mainline X-Men, which lets you relax a bit. Furthermore, there is no sign of the rest of the Marvel universe, which makes me breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they can do what they want with the plot (if they went somewhere) The artwork has a lot of detail put in it, although I would greatly appreciate more character variation, and I would love it if some people managed to look a lot rougher. (This is a bit of an issue in Wolverine: Prodigal son, which I will be reviewing next, but they got character variation better there.) Unfortunately, there is no second volume to this plot, so all we have is an introduction to characters, which will never be fleshed out. Might be worth checking out if you’re into shoujo stuff, but since it wasn’t finished, I have an easier time recommending it to people if it continued, so it’s much easier to show to comic book guys to make them RAGE!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Artist Profile: AndrewDickman

Previous Artist: ArionHawk

Today's Artist is Andrew Dickman from DeviantArt

I found today’s artist while I was loitering around on Deviant art, when I saw a comic by him that I felt compelled to read. Upon looking at this person’s site, I realized it made logical sense for me to do a feature on them, mostly because I like the work he’s done.

I suppose the logical course of action would be to start with the comic that originally caught my attention here…

It’s a little thing about the Marvel/Disney buyout. He was trying to make a comparison and demonstrate that DC was fine after Warner Bros. bought them, and that fans really don’t need to worry so much about Marcel being bought by Disney.

However, that wasn’t what kept me on his page. Along with that little comic, he has a large variety of American style comics, such as people’s avatars, and some interpretations of classic characters, such as Mario here:

Also, here’s an alternate universe Mario and Luigi…

The only thing that would make it better is if one ot them had an EVIL Goatee.

It should be noted that Andrew is capable of doing more serious stuff as well, such as this picture of Samus from the Metroid series….

His caption said he was trying to capture her loneliness, and why she winds up talking about as much as Link from Legend of Zelda.

Overall, Andrew is quite good at what he does, and appears to consistently do this work. If you go farther back on his deviant art, you can see he has been improving by producing more art consistently.

Hm, I’m thinking for my next artist I’m going to report on a musician I met at work who likes working on underground stuff. Should be interesting.

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Revolutionary Girl: Utena (manga) Volume 1

Well, I was at my not-so local library, where I found out they have a gratuitously large selection of manga. Although not all of it piqued my interest, I had heard of this one by reputation by a friend…


“Dude, you should totally check out Utena man. It’s got like deep references to Buddhism, philosophical implications, and LESBIANS”

*end flashback*

Based on the criteria above, I decided that this was totally worth checking out. After, I like deep plots (when they aren’t pretentious) and I haven’t read a girl’s love book yet, so why not, right?

Anyway, this story starts out with an introduction to our main character, Utena Tenjou, a self absorbed girl who will stomp through any person in her way. While she does irritate me as a whole, a lot of main characters do at the start. The first chapter is about Utena uncovering a conspiracy set up by her prince charming in order to get her to go to some weird school in another part of the country.

After all that, we find the whole thing was a prologue that has very little to do with the rest of the book, aside from establishing Utena’s motivations in a long winded manner. We then skip to her being at an entirely different school, which looks a lot like Cross Acadamy from Vampire Knight, minus the vampires. (I know this came out first) We are then shown some guy slapping some girl around. We later establish that the guy is known as Saionji, an egotistical jerk, and the girl is known as Himemiya, who is apparently a magnet for being slapped. Based on this volume alone, I would infer that her face has a special property that causes people’s hands to be attracted to it in a violent manner.

Utena ends up challenging Saionji to a duel, which leads to him drawing a live blade against Utena (wielding a wood sword.) Utena manages to win the duel for some reason, which seems to have repercussions later. But for now, due to some weird contracts, this leads to Utena being engaged to Himemiya. Himemiya seems to have no issue with this, making her seem kinda creepy…

Anyway, despite getting a slow start, I believe this book may or may not have potential. I was not greatly feeling this first volume, due to the slow start. However, I will probably get the second volume from the not so local library next time I am there, just to see where this winds up going.

Coming soon: volume 2!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

BryAnime Presents: Top 10 most attractive anime females

Oh yeah, I went there. What’re you gonna do about it? Nothing, that’s what! Today I’m discussing which anime females I find the most attractive, what series they are from, and why I find them so hot. But who wants to read this part, when I can just get to the pics NAO (click pictures to enlarge)

 10.) Eri Sawachika: Noticeable in School Rumble for being the token blonde, and being from England. For some strange reason, despite Tenma being introduced first, Eri has manged to snag more of the spotlight and character development. Then again, School Rumble is strange.

9.) Kaname Chidori: Main female character in Full Metal Panic, and debateably the most attractive. I had a major crush on this one back in high school. I suppose her most attractive feature is her nice long blue hair, since I love weird hair colors, and I like long hair. Possibly my first encounter with a tsundere, but that’s such a long archive to search.

8.) Nodoka Miyazaki: Second member of my OTP from Negima. I haven’t been reading the series for a while, but it looks like Nodoka has an optimistically ambiguous chance of ending up with Negi. This amuses me, because I am usually disappointed with the cannon couple in a series. But then again, do I despise the canon couple because their canon, or because I don’t like them…. Hm.

As you’ll infer from this list, I find shy bookworms to be quite attractive. This is not to say they are necessarily my type, for in reality I kinda prefer Genji girls. Alas, in fiction I find the shy bookworm to be much nicer.

7.) Aoyama Motoko: Favorite girl from Love Hina, despite not being the most attractive. While I am not about to admit to her warrior merit, for it is all hearsay (name one person she’s beaten up in the series. ONE!) she does manage to pull off the warrior chick thing without being obnoxiously girl-power. 

6.)Saber: Hailing from Fate/Stay Night, we have this armored beauty. Because we all know women wearing platemail are hot, right? Anyhoo, while I have not seen much of Fate/Stay night, I’ve seen a lot of pictures of Saber beforehand, causing me to find her quite alluring.

5.)Mizuho Kazami: This lady is from an anime known as “Please Teacher” which came out a few years ago. She’s clearly every Haruhiist’s dream, being an alien in a hot affair with one of her students. Furthermore, she has pink hair and glasses, so she basically packages all of my fetishes into one person. Lovely, I know. Also I really wanted to eat some pocky after watching that series.

4.)Yoko: Gurren Lagan. That outfit she’s wearing? She wears that ALL THE TIME…. So yeah…..

Oh yeah, actual description. Well, everything in Gurren Lagan is 150%, including the fanservice. Hence, we have Yoko, who is incredibly bouncy/fanservicy. It’s not quite as obnoxious as in shows that focus on fanservice, just because everything is so over the top in Gurren Lagan. Alas, Yoko is SO in your face about it you can’t feel bad about looking at her.

3.) Mikuru Asahina:  I’m sure everybody remembers the well-endowed redhead from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Put bluntly, she fulfills her obvious purpose in the show, MOE! During the course of the show, she ends up being forced to wear a ridiculous variety of outfits, from a battle waitress, a maid outfit, and of course, the bunny girl outfit. The show doesn’t try to hide the purpose of her role, and she fulfills it quite well. 

2.) Naru Narusegawa: Ah yes, my days as a Love Hina fanboy. I remember I really liked Naru for her pair of big, round….. glasses. Ohhhh yeah, nothing quite sparked my glasses fetish like Naru form Love Hina. It should also be noted that her hair antennae is quite prominent, and adds quite a bit of moe to her character.

1.) Yuki Nagato: As your local priest of Haruhi, you’d expect me to be loyal to nobody, but Haruhi, right? WRONG! My sect of Haruhiism actually likes Yuki a lot more than Haruhi, just because Haruhi is annoying. It should also be noted that she has the largest folder out of all these girls on my computer. Now then, the thing I like so much about Yuki is her general amount of Apathy. This is a girl who manages to maintain enough focus on reading to do it while jet skiing. She’s used her epic hacking skills that could be used to sink the entire world economy to win at a video game. And she went through the entire movie made during the first episode with a straight face.

    Alas, I wouldn’t be a real fan of Nagato if I didn’t acknowledge that she actually DOES have a set of functioning emotions that she doesn’t really show. I’d mention heavy spoilers for the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, but that movie is kinda only available in about three theaters. So I guess I’ll have to just mention that we can obviously tell that she has an emotional spectrum in “Day of the Sagittarius “ from season 1.

Opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. Opinions are based on my opinion at the time, a basic flip through of my anime collections, and impulse.

Feel free to argue with me, but your argument sucks without pictures. Arguing with pictures is highly encouraged, because these types of arguments are always fun… with pictures.

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Coming soon! Top 10 most attractive video game females.

Anime in Focus: Devil May Cry episode 4

  <-This episode introduces Trish, another Devil hunter, like Dante. notice the leather. It gets approval.

<-Previous Episode

This show is available for FREE on Funimation's Website HERE

Well, ye local anime club seems to like this anime a lot. I personally prefer my action series to have a bit more action, but that is their issue, not mine.

This episode starts off with Lady killing some no name demon. The important part is when some blonde chick in tight leather shows up and starts duking it out with lady. Apparently other Devil May Cry fans in the room recognized her as Trish, but I haven’t really played the games, so I didn’t know anything about her. The fight ends with no conclusive winner, but a lot of property damage.

We then skip to Dante, who is reading a fashion magazine, because he lost another bet, and apparently has to buy that girl he adopted a cute outfit. During this, Lady comes in and tries to get some information out of Dante regarding the crazy lightning lady, but gets nothing out of him. Dante clearly knows something, but isn’t telling for the sake of new people. Like me. Later, Lady and Trish find out that they both shop at the same boutique, for those of us that care. At least their damaging each other’s clothes, which is always a plus.

Anyways, later the person who hired lady to kill Trish is bugging her about the lack of progress, and wants her to get the job done faster. This leads to Trish barging in and giving a moderately interesting fight (better than the ones Dante has been in, sadly.) This leads to an unsurprising plot twist, an unsurprising fight, and me wanting a little bit of suspense out of the show. Alas, I still have little trouble predicting where a fight is going to go in this series, and it makes things a bit boring.

Well, now that I’ve come this far, I might check out more episodes of the series later to see if it gets more interesting. Maybe

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anime in Focus: Dai Guard Episode 2

<- Previous Episode

Alright, after a slow paced episode, I happened to be in an area where escaping the second episode of Dai-Guard was impossible. Hence putting me in a position whereI should probably discuss it.

After pushing away the Heterodyne that attacked the city our mains were in, it becomes apparent that the fight actually caused quite a bit of damage. The military wants to transport the injured through their means, but the guys at Dai Guard corp just want to skip the paperwork and do it themselves, since they have the means. After a bit of negotiating, they manage to convince mister government official that this is a logical course of action, and they manage to get it done. Also, it should be noted that the guy with a pink bandanna is now wearing a suit, and his pink bandanna has gone missing. This is because he has to appear at press conferences in order to discuss the heterodyne attack.

Anyway, while they are flying away on a rather large military plane thingy, mister government official fails to inform everybody that the big scary heterodyne has been following them, and will probably appear where they land. Fortunately, the corporation has fitted their giant robot with a drill arm, so that everybody in the room is forced to make Gurren Lagan references. The team can’t actually control the arm very well, and winds up screwing up with it a few times. They manage to kill the heterodyne, although slowly.

Overall, this show still has the pacing issues still apparent in episode 1. It might be more interesting if events didn’t flow at the rate a snail crawls. Might or might not be watching more, but it should be noted that this won’t be ranking very high on my list of priorities.

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