Monday, June 21, 2010

Anime in Focus: Devil May Cry episode 4

  <-This episode introduces Trish, another Devil hunter, like Dante. notice the leather. It gets approval.

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Well, ye local anime club seems to like this anime a lot. I personally prefer my action series to have a bit more action, but that is their issue, not mine.

This episode starts off with Lady killing some no name demon. The important part is when some blonde chick in tight leather shows up and starts duking it out with lady. Apparently other Devil May Cry fans in the room recognized her as Trish, but I haven’t really played the games, so I didn’t know anything about her. The fight ends with no conclusive winner, but a lot of property damage.

We then skip to Dante, who is reading a fashion magazine, because he lost another bet, and apparently has to buy that girl he adopted a cute outfit. During this, Lady comes in and tries to get some information out of Dante regarding the crazy lightning lady, but gets nothing out of him. Dante clearly knows something, but isn’t telling for the sake of new people. Like me. Later, Lady and Trish find out that they both shop at the same boutique, for those of us that care. At least their damaging each other’s clothes, which is always a plus.

Anyways, later the person who hired lady to kill Trish is bugging her about the lack of progress, and wants her to get the job done faster. This leads to Trish barging in and giving a moderately interesting fight (better than the ones Dante has been in, sadly.) This leads to an unsurprising plot twist, an unsurprising fight, and me wanting a little bit of suspense out of the show. Alas, I still have little trouble predicting where a fight is going to go in this series, and it makes things a bit boring.

Well, now that I’ve come this far, I might check out more episodes of the series later to see if it gets more interesting. Maybe

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