Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chibi Vampire first glance

(Note, I've only read about volume 1-3 at the current time)

Well, I got started on Chibi Vampire. I was a bit exited about this manga ever since I read the first volume in the bookstore.

Anyhow, This is the chronicle of a moe-packed high schooler, who is a vampire. Well, actually, she’s not much of a vampire. Instead of sucking blood, she creates mass quantities of blood, and it squirts out of her nose at high velocities unless she bites somebody and injects it into them. So she's more of a bizarro-vampire. Her parents are very concerned about this abnormality. I may have more of an opinion as I dlve further into this, but I’ve only read a couple of volumes so far.

If you want a cutesy shoujo series with vampires in it, this will be your thing. If you firmly believe that vampires are serious business, go elsewhere.

This reviewer gives his seal of approval.