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Anime in focus: School days episode 11

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Almost to the conclusion of this series. This episode shows some flashbacks giving us a general idea of just how far the series has gone since it’s first few episodes, and how it went from a cutesy high school love triangle to the most depraved drama I’ve ever seen.

Ah, well, Itou hasn’t slept with everybody yet. There’s still Katusara and that girl on the basketball team. There were a few other gilrs, but he sleeps with all of them at once in this episode, just to show us that he’s going to grow up to act like Glen Quagmire.

Meanwhile, Itou’s actions start coming around full circle in this episode. To start Saionji reveals that she missed her period…


On the other side, Katsura’s been talking into a dead cell phone while in a rather creepy trance.

And while it is implied that Itou had a filthy foursome in this episode, his various flings start ignoring the bastard after word about Saionji gets around. Poetic justice really. Itou’d grown cold and heartless over the episodes, and no longer cares for the women he sleeps with (still don’t see what they see in him.) At the end, we’re given a flashback of the beginning, back when he cared. It’s kind of sad really. Not sad enough to make me emphasize with somebody who gets that much sex, but you know, sad. I’d punch him in reality of course. He has turned into a major dick after all. Like Light Yagami from Death Note, but instead of becoming numb to killing people, he’s become numb to sleeping with them.

Now then, I’m going to watch the last episode. Can’t wait to see the climax to all of this, because there is no way this will end well.


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Friday, August 13, 2010

BryAnime Presents: My top 10 AMV's

After attending a few AMV contests, I decided that AMV’s would be a relatively solid place to go for my “Top 10” segment, because there are many things I can rate besides the attractiveness of fictional women. While I do know this is not a comprehensive list, I do not accept arguments that do not come with evidence (links)

10.) Chibi’s that kill: This one gets a lot of concept points, just for having a bunch of cute characters beat up some more serious ones. Also, the edits look nice.

9.) Mindless self Indulgence: Warning, lyrics aren’t safe for work. This video’s biggest merit is the simply concept that it explains how hardcore Pikachu is. Indeed, this kind of silliness is a great way to get my approval. It should be noted that the author probably had to go all over the place to find all these clips, and Pokemon has a lot of episodes.

8.) Be a Man: One of my favorite Gurren Lagan AMV’s based solely on how in character everything is. Makes me wanna go watch that series because of how manly the AMV is. Unfortunately, this one’s not on youtube, so you’ll have to use this link.  

7.) Skittles: Classic AMV right here. Famous mostly for the lovely effects and bright colors. Also, has a lot of really nice editing.

6.) Setsuna of Arabia: A finalist from Anime expo 2010’s AMV contest. Although I voted for Alchanum to win, I still found this one to be quite exiting. Sadly though, I haven’t seen the Gundam this AMV is from, meaning I should probably watch it again later.

5.) Code Roll: No, I haven’t seen Code Geass yet. I might, someday, when I feel like it, and haven’t seen a raving fangirl for three months or so. This is from the time during the 2009 AMV contest when a person had the iron resolve to attempt a Rick Roll on the AMV contest. The fact that it managed to get so far really says a lot about the video’s quality, and how the characters match the song.

4.) Robots: One of the better AMV’s to come out of the contest back in 2009, this one tells about what robots are going to do after they slaughter humanity. It contains the best version of the song I’ve heard, and the animation compliments it very nicely. I give in an entirely unemotional sign of approval.

3.) Bustin’: This one’s main sales point is the news articles that appear throughout the course of the video. Without those, this AMV would be just good, but with them, it provides a near constant stream of laughs, just because of what they say. It helps that they crafted a logo for this one. I first saw this one at the AMV contest at AX 2008, and had a major struggle inside of me whether to vote for this or “The Harrassment of Kyon”

2.) Alchanum: Winner of best of show at the 2010 AX AMV contest, and the one I voted for best of show. Notable for being epic and being a rather interesting retell of Full Metal Alchemist. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the version shown at AX 2010, alas, if you skip the ending portion, this one contains almost as much meatiness.

1.) The Harrassment of Kyon: While I do hate yaoi fangirls, I do not in fact have that much of an issue with Yaoi. This leads me to this AMV that I saw at Anime expo 2008, which I find both well made and highly amusing. Also, from seeing the series, seeing these scenes taken entirely out of context adds to the fun greatly.

Another thing that makes this AMV great is that I normally LOATHE the song “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavine, but in this context I find it catchy and amusing. Furthermore, it further stamps in the conclusion that everybody in the SOS brigade want’s Kyon, even the guys. Sorry Yuki, I haven’t seen any Kyon x Yuki videos that beat this one. Kyon x Haruhi? GET OFF MY INTERNETS!

After discussing this with some people, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are enough solid AMV’s to do a follow up report on this topic, so I’ll be glad to consider any recommendations for the next edition. All rankings are solely my own opinion.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do skills learned in dating sims transfer to real life?

Dear BryAnime,

Hello, I’m about 15 and about to get into some serious dating, but I feel nervous. I’ve been practicing my skills a lot with some Ren’nai games that I torrented (hey, they aren’t allowed to sell those to minors, lol.) and I’m pretty sure I know what to do.

Hypothetically, I’m supposed to go up to the girl in order to buy her presents until her affection towards me increases to a point to where I can ask her out. At this point, all I have to do is be nice, and that’s not hard, since all the options I need to say appear right in front of me, and it’s always obvious which one needs to be said. This means I should have no difficulty winning them over at all!

But this doesn’t explain why I’m so nervous about asking out this girl who sits next to me in class. I mean, it should be obvious what to say, right? Because whenever I talk to her, I choke up. I’ve tried hitting the gym a few times in order to increase my attractiveness stat, but it hasn’t seemed to have helped. Do you think there’s a condition I have to fulfill before I’m able to talk to her?

Ren’nai addict

Dear Ren’nai addict

Well, from your letter, it’s really obvious that you’ve been sitting in front of your computer playing porn games way too much. Could you at least spend your time going to a dating advice forum or something? There you can meet people with actual EXPERIENCE or something. This is because in reality, it is in fact you who seem to lack exp, as you seem to assume that actual options are going to appear that make sense. The harsh reality of it is that it takes practice to know exactly what to say.

What’s that? What do I suggest? I dunno, try option 3 (see above pic.)


NEXT LETTER: I'm stuck in a love triangle with myself

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