Friday, January 7, 2011

Anime in focus: FLCL episode 6

There comes a time in every boy's life where he must become a super powered energy beam and use a pair of guitairs as a weapon.

Alright, now for the thrilling conclusion to a borderline incoherent series. It ends in the fashion that it started, crazy, fast and interesting.

At the start of this episode, the entire town has been covered by fog, much in the same fashion Inaba was covered in fog at the end of Persona 4. (FLCL came out first) This creates an aura of things not moving forward. Furthermore, Haruko and the TV headed guy vanish, as implied in the beginning of the episode. According to Naota, things have gone back to normal. This realization causes that guy with the huge eyebrows to congratulate Naota and give him a pair of gigantic eyebrows. He then explains to Naota about the great space pirate Atomos and what he was planning to do with Haruko.

This goes on until Haruko comes back, and they do that weird animated manga thing, and ask Naota if he’s figured out what fooly cooly means. I suppose they were going for the “ending in the same fashion it begins” approach. After this, Naota goes on this weird trip thing were he meets Atomos, and winds up in a lot of fights.

As an ending episode, this one wraps up things quite nicely. While I am not entirely convinced that weird stuff will quit happening to Naota, it does give a nice climax to this chain of events. Granted, while I cannot quite express what happened into words, due to the nature of the show, it emits a sense of completeness. To put it bluntly, watching this show is akin to listening to music without lyrics, while you may be getting meaning from it, the meaning is quite difficult to fully express. I’d say the only way to truly understand this series is to go out and watch it yourself.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Facebook pull's Egg Finger's profile-do they hate creativity?

<- Does this look like a threat to society to you?

I should probably mention that Egg Finger's comic book is on sale now and that you can buy a copy HERE

I recently received a press release from the creator of the Egg Finger comic, telling me that his page got taken off Facebook. This is unsettling to me, as it seems to defeat Facebook's main purpose, bringing people together.

Does anybody really believe a cartoon rotten egg is out to kill everybody? NO! What was really going on here was a small artist's attempt to get out the word about his book, and interact with his fanbase. This reminds me of something (I hesitate to mention this) my ex-girlfriend occasionally did. She would a supervillian on her twitter account, (For bonus points, go on acting like you were looking for Fraiser Crane) and talk smack to superheroes and other supervillians, while making threats and griping about society. She's been doing since before I knew her, which means since before 2009.

While I have verified that the girl is entirely incapable of doing anything more threatening than making angry forum posts, (No seriously, her bone to muscle mass ratio was disturbing) what makes what she does worse than what Egg Finger was doing? A quick look through Egg Finger's profile would show that it was nothing more than an advertising campaign. An advertising campaign that could only be added through a person's conscious decision, and could be tuned out just as easily. If people didn't enjoy having a cartoon rotten make threats at them and the world, they wouldn't have friended said cartoon rotten egg.

This type of removal is bad, since it makes things difficult for smaller businesses to get the word out. Being politically correct doesn't attract attention, and small artists and businesses know this. Yet, Facebook is making it difficult on them by banning them for using the tools they provide.

Would warning people be too hard for Facebook? Can't people defriend of unlike people who spam them too much? Who was even being hurt by this?

And right before the guy's book release? That's kind of mean.

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